Code of Virginia

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Chapter 5.
School Boards; Selection, Qualification and Salaries of Members
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  • Article 2.
    Method of Selecting School Boards in School Divisions Composed of a Single County
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  • § 22.1-34
    Application of article
    § 22.1-35
    School board selection commission
    § 22.1-36
    Composition of school board; to be appointed by commission
    § 22.1-36.1
    Composition of school board in certain cases
    § 22.1-37
    Notice by commission of meeting for appointment
    § 22.1-38
    Terms of members of school board
    § 22.1-38.1
    Provisions for school board where division consolidated as result of certain governmental consolidations
    § 22.1-39
    Vacancies in school board
    § 22.1-40
    Appointment of tie breaker
  • Article 3.
    Alternate Method of Selecting School Boards in School Divisions Comprised of a Single County
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  • § 22.1-41
    Application of article
    § 22.1-42
    Referendum on changing method of selection of members of school board
    § 22.1-43
    Abolition of school board selection commission
    § 22.1-44
    Appointment of school board members and tie breaker by county governing body; terms; vacancies
    § 22.1-45
    Referendum to revert to appointment by school board selection commission
    § 22.1-46
    Limitation on time of holding subsequent referendum
  • Article 4.
    Selection of School Boards in School Divisions Comprised of Counties Having County Manager or County Board Form of Government
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  • § 22.1-47
    Composition of boards; appointment and terms; tie breakers
  • Article 4.1.
    Popular Election of School Board in Counties with County Manager Plan of Government
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  • § 22.1-47.1
    § 22.1-47.2
    Petitions for a referendum on direct election of school board members
    § 22.1-47.3
    Transition from appointed to elected school board
    § 22.1-47.4
    Benefits, expenses, and reimbursements for the school board members of certain county
  • Article 6.
    School Boards in Other School Divisions
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  • § 22.1-52
    Application of article; single school board required
    § 22.1-53
    How composed; appointment and terms of members; vacancies; tie breaker
    § 22.1-54
    Members need not be appointed by districts
    § 22.1-55
    Compensation of members
    § 22.1-56
    Transfer of title to school property; adjudication of ownership
    § 22.1-57
    Effective date for formation of board