Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 32.1. Health
Chapter 2. Disease Prevention and Control

Article 13. Statewide Asthma Management.

§ 32.1-73.5. Comprehensive statewide asthma management plan.

A. Using such funds as may be appropriated therefor, the Commissioner shall develop, maintain, and revise biennially a written comprehensive state plan for (i) reducing the rate of hospitalizations due to asthma and (ii) facilitating the effective management of persons with asthma residing in the Commonwealth. The plan shall address, but shall not be limited to, disease surveillance and investigation, public and professional education, identification and replication of best practices for public health and clinical interventions, public and private partnerships with health care providers, third-party payors, local school divisions, and community coalitions, and identification of sources of grant funding. The plan shall place primary emphasis on, but not be limited to, children between the ages of birth and eighteen years.

B. In order to develop the comprehensive state plan, the Commissioner shall consult with representatives of the medical, nursing, pharmacy and allied health professions, public health agencies, community coalition leaders, insurers, hospital personnel, the Department of Education and local school divisions, and other appropriate entities.

2000, cc. 73, 134.

§ 32.1-73.6. Implementation of state asthma management programs.

A. Using such funds as may be appropriated for this purpose, the Commissioner shall implement programs to meet the objectives of the statewide asthma management plan. The Commissioner shall assure, to the extent feasible and appropriate, that existing Department programs, systems, and infrastructure are efficiently utilized as a basis for implementation.

B. The Board shall promulgate regulations as necessary to implement the provisions of the statewide asthma management plan.

C. The Commissioner shall report periodically to the Board concerning (i) the development and implementation of the statewide asthma management plan and (ii) the effectiveness of the Department programs in reducing the rate of hospitalizations due to asthma in the Commonwealth and facilitating more effective management of asthma.

2000, cc. 73, 134.