Code of Virginia

Code of Virginia
Title 32.1. Health

Article 6. Prevention of Blindness from Ophthalmia Neonatorum.

§ 32.1-61. Definition.

As used in this article, "ophthalmia neonatorum" means any inflammation, swelling or unusual redness in one or both eyes of any infant, either apart from or together with any unnatural discharge from the eye or eyes of such infant, independent of the nature of the infection, if any, occurring at any time within two weeks after the birth of such infant.

Code 1950, § 32-105; 1979, c. 711.

§ 32.1-62. Procedure upon infant's birth.

In order to prevent ophthalmia neonatorum, the physician, nurse or midwife in charge of the delivery of a baby or, if none, the first attending physician shall, immediately after the baby's birth, perform upon such baby the procedure prescribed by the Board. Such action shall be duly recorded in the medical record of the baby.

Code 1950, § 32-107; 1979, c. 711.

§ 32.1-63. Duty of physician, midwife or nurse noting ophthalmia neonatorum.

It shall be the duty of any physician, midwife or nurse who notes ophthalmia neonatorum within two weeks after the birth of an infant to perform or cause to be performed such tests as are necessary to ascertain the cause of such inflammation and to institute or have instituted appropriate therapy. When the cause of such inflammation is ascertained to be gonococcus, such physician, nurse or midwife shall report the infection to the local health director or the Commissioner as provided in § 32.1-36.

Code 1950, § 32-106; 1979, c. 711.

§ 32.1-64. Duty of Board to provide for treatment.

The Board shall provide for the gratuitous distribution of the necessary treatment approved by it for ophthalmia neonatorum, together with proper directions for the use and administration thereof, to all physicians, midwives and hospitals requesting it. The Board shall provide free of charge in medically indigent cases the necessary treatment for ophthalmia neonatorum when the cause is ascertained to be gonococcus.

Code 1950, § 32-109; 1979, c. 711.

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