Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 32.1. Health
Chapter 2. Disease Prevention and Control

Article 8. Voluntary Program for Control of Genetic and Metabolic Diseases.

§ 32.1-68. Commissioner to establish screening and treatment program; review by Board; program to include education and post-screening counseling; laboratory tests.

A. The Commissioner, in cooperation with local health directors, shall establish a voluntary program for the screening of adults and children for the disease of sickle cell anemia or the sickle cell trait and for such other genetically related diseases and genetic traits and inborn errors of metabolism as the Board may deem necessary.

B. The Board shall review the program from time to time to determine the appropriate age and the method of screening for such conditions or traits in the light of technological changes.

C. The screening program shall include provisions for education concerning the nature and treatment of sickle cell anemia, other genetically related diseases and inborn errors of metabolism and a post-screening counseling program for the treatment of any person determined to have such a condition.

D. The program may include the provision of laboratory testing.

E. The Board shall adopt regulations to implement an adult and pediatric comprehensive sickle cell clinic network.

Code 1950, §§ 32-112.21, 32-112.22; 1973, c. 212; 1979, c. 711; 2020, c. 503.

§ 32.1-69. Records confidential; disclosure of results of screening.

The results of any particular screening program shall be sent to the physician of the person tested, if known, and either to the parents when the person screened is under the age of eighteen or to the person if he is eighteen years of age or over. The results of a screening program may be used for research and collective statistical purposes. Except as hereinabove provided, all records maintained as part of any screening program shall be strictly confidential and shall be accessible only to the Board, the Commissioner or his agents or to the local health director who is conducting the screening program except by explicit permission of the person who has been screened if such person is eighteen years of age or over or of such person's parent or guardian if he is under age eighteen.

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