Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 33.2. Highways and Other Surface Transportation Systems
Chapter 7. Local Authority over Highways

Article 1. General Provisions.

§ 33.2-700. Transfer of highways, etc., from secondary state highway system to local authorities.

Whenever any town has a population of more than 3,500 inhabitants, all the streets, highways, causeways, bridges, landings, and wharves in such town that were incorporated within the secondary state highway system shall be eliminated from such system and the control and jurisdiction over them shall be vested in the local authorities. This section shall in no way affect the rights of such towns to receive the benefits provided elsewhere in this title.

Code 1950, § 33-137; 1970, c. 322, § 33.1-224; 2014, c. 805.

§ 33.2-701. Levies.

For the purpose of this section, "district" means a magisterial, sanitary, or other special district created by the governing body of a county for the levy of road taxes.

The governing bodies of the counties shall not make any levy of county or district road taxes or contract any further indebtedness for the construction, maintenance, or improvement of highways; however, the governing bodies of the counties shall continue to make county or district levies, as the case may be, upon all real and personal property subject to local taxation, in such county or magisterial district, and not embraced within the corporate limits of any town that maintains its own streets and is exempt from county and district road taxes unless the citizens of such towns voted on the question of issuing county or district road bonds, sufficient only to provide for the payment of any bonded or other indebtedness and for the interest contracted thereon that may be outstanding as an obligation of any county or district contracted for road purposes or for the sinking fund for the retirement of any bonded indebtedness established for county or district road purposes.

Code 1950, § 33-138; 1964, c. 376; 1968, c. 368; 1970, c. 322, § 33.1-225; 2007, c. 813; 2014, c. 805.

§ 33.2-702. Gifts received by counties for construction, maintenance, etc., of secondary highways.

Notwithstanding the provisions of § 33.2-701 or any other provisions of law to the contrary, the governing body of any county may accept gifts of money, property, or services to be utilized for the construction, maintenance, and improvement of the secondary state highway system in such county, in conformity with specifications of and in cooperation with the Department, provided that such gift resources may be matched in value by appropriations from the county's general funds. The allocation of such donated and appropriated resources to the secondary highways shall be made by the governing body of the county, after consultation with the Department, to be used by the Department in accordance with the wishes of the governing body of such county.

1976, c. 63, § 33.1-225.2; 2014, c. 805.

§ 33.2-703. Funds for highways not in secondary state highway system.

Notwithstanding the provisions of § 33.2-701 or 33.2-706, the governing body of any county under the urban county executive form of government may expend funds on minor improvements and maintenance of highways not within the secondary state highway system, provided such highways are open for public use. A highway shall be determined to be open for public use by applying the same standards set forth in § 33.2-105 or by final order of a court of competent jurisdiction on or before January 1, 1978, except that in order to be eligible for funds under this section such highways need not be 30 feet wide but shall not be less than 15 feet wide. The maximum amount of mileage to be maintained under this section shall not exceed 30 miles.

1978, c. 43, § 33.1-225.3; 2014, c. 805.

§ 33.2-704. Agreements between localities for construction and operation of toll facilities.

The governing bodies of adjacent localities may enter into agreements providing for the construction and operation of highways, bridges, and ferries within their boundaries and for the imposition and collection of tolls for the use of such facilities. Such tolls may be in whatever amount, subject to whatever conditions, and expended for whatever purposes provided for in such agreements. Such agreements shall provide for the design, land acquisition, or construction of primary or secondary highway projects that have been included in the six-year plan pursuant to § 33.2-331, or in the case of a primary highway, an approved project included in the six-year improvement program of the Board. Such agreements shall specify relevant procedures and responsibilities concerning the design, right-of-way acquisition, construction, and contract administration of such projects. Any facility constructed pursuant to the authority granted in this section shall be constructed in accordance with the applicable standards of the Department for such facility. Prior to executing any agreement pursuant to this section, a joint public hearing shall be held concerning the benefits of and need for as well as the location and design of the facility.

2006, c. 587, § 33.1-228.1; 2014, c. 805.