Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 36. Housing
Chapter 4.2. Manufactured Housing Licensing and Transaction Recovery Fund Law

Article 2. Virginia Manufactured Housing Transaction Recovery Fund.

§ 36-85.31. Recovery fund to be established.

A. Each manufactured home manufacturer, dealer, broker and salesperson operating in the Commonwealth of Virginia shall be required to pay an initial assessment fee as set forth in subsection B to the Virginia Manufactured Housing Transaction Recovery Fund. Thereafter, assessment fees shall be assessed as necessary to achieve and maintain a minimum fund balance of $250,000.

B. Each applicant approved by the Board for a license as a manufactured home manufacturer, dealer, broker, or salesperson in accordance with the provisions of Article 1 (§ 36-85.16 et seq.) of this chapter shall pay into the fund the following assessment fees:

1. For a manufacturer -- $4,000 for each separate manufacturing facility payable in one installment or $4,400 payable at $2,200 per year for two years.

2. For a dealer -- $500 per retail location.

3. For a broker -- $500 per sales office.

4. For a salesperson -- $50 per individual.

C. All assessment fees collected under this article shall be deposited in the state treasury and the State Treasurer shall credit the amount paid into a special revenue fund from which appropriations may be utilized by the Board in accordance with the express purposes set forth in this article. The assets of the fund shall be invested in accordance with the advice of the State Treasurer. Interest earned on deposits constituting this fund shall accrue to the fund or may be used for the purposes of providing educational programs to the consumer about manufactured housing.

1991, c. 555; 1992, c. 223; 2009, cc. 141, 579.

§ 36-85.32. Recovery from fund generally.

Any person who suffers any loss or damage by any act of a regulant that constitutes a violation of this chapter shall have the right to institute an action to recover from the recovery fund.

Upon a finding by the Board that a violation has occurred, the Board shall direct the responsible manufacturer, dealer, broker, or salesperson to pay the awarded amount to the claimant. If such amount is not paid within thirty days following receipt of the written decision of the Board and no appeal has been filed in court, the Board shall, upon request of the claimant, pay from the recovery fund the amount of the award to the claimant provided that:

1. The maximum claim of one claimant against the fund because of a single or multiple violations by one or more regulants shall be limited to $40,000;

2. The fund balance is sufficient to pay the award;

3. The claimant has assigned the Board all rights and claims against the regulant; and

4. The claimant agrees to subrogate to the Board all rights of the claimant to the extent of payment.

The aggregate of claims against the fund for violations by any one regulant shall be limited by the Board to $75,000 per manufacturer, $35,000 per dealer, $35,000 per broker, and $25,000 per salesperson during any license period. If a claim has been made against the fund, and the Board has reason to believe there may be additional claims against the fund from other transactions involving the same regulant, the Board may withhold any payments from the fund involving such regulant for a period of not more than one year from the date on which the claimant is approved by the Board for an award from the fund. After this one-year period, if the aggregate of claims against the regulant exceeds the above limitations, said amount shall be prorated by the Board among the claimants and paid from the fund in proportion to the amounts of their awards remaining unpaid.

The amount of damages awarded by the Board shall be limited to actual, compensatory damages and shall not include attorney's fees for representation before the Board.

1991, c. 555; 1992, c. 223; 1994, c. 671; 2009, cc. 141, 579.

§ 36-85.33. Revocation of license upon payment from fund.

Upon payment to a claimant from the fund, the Board shall immediately revoke the license of the regulant whose conduct resulted in this payment. Any regulant whose license is revoked shall not be eligible to apply for a license under this chapter until the regulant has repaid in full the amount paid from the fund on his account, plus interest.

1991, c. 555; 1992, c. 223.

§ 36-85.34. Disciplinary action by Board.

The Board may take disciplinary action against any regulant for any violation of this chapter or the regulations of the Board. Full repayment of the amount paid from the fund on a regulant's account shall not nullify or modify the effect of any disciplinary proceeding against that regulant for any violation.

1991, c. 555; 1992, c. 223.

§ 36-85.35. Appeals from decision of the Board.

Appeals from a decision of the Board shall be to a circuit court with jurisdiction in the Commonwealth. An appeal must be made within thirty days of the date of the Board's order. Once made, an appeal shall stay the Board's order. Neither the regulant nor the Board shall be required to pay damages to the claimant until such time as a final order of the court is issued. The court may award reasonable attorney's fees and court costs to be paid by the recovery fund. Except as provided to the contrary herein, appeals pursuant to this section shall be in conformance with the Administrative Process Act (§ 2.2-4000 et seq.).

1991, c. 555; 1992, c. 223.

§ 36-85.36. Recovery fund administrative regulations.

The Board is authorized to promulgate regulations in accordance with the Administrative Process Act (§ 2.2-4000 et seq.) consistent with this chapter for the administration of the fund to assure the satisfaction of claims.

1991, c. 555; 1992, c. 223.