Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 45.1. Mines and Mining
Chapter 14.3. Requirements Applicable to Underground Coal Mines

Article 4. Mechanical Equipment.

§ 45.1-161.123. (Repealed effective October 1, 2021) Face and other equipment.

A. The cutter chains of mining machines shall be locked securely by mechanical means or electrical interlocks, while such machines are parked or being trammed.

B. Drilling in rock shall be conducted wet or by other means of dust control.

C. Electric drills or other electrically operated rotating tools intended to be held in the hands shall have the electric switch constructed so as to break the circuit when the hand releases the switch, or shall be equipped with properly adjusted friction or safety clutches.

D. While equipment is in operation or is being trammed, no miner shall position himself or be placed in a pinch point between such equipment and the face or ribs of the mine or another piece of equipment in the mine.

E. All equipment raised for repairs or other work shall be securely blocked prior to persons positioning themselves where the falling of such equipment could create a hazardous condition.

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§ 45.1-161.124. (Repealed effective October 1, 2021) Shop and other equipment.

A. The following items of shop and other equipment shall be guarded and maintained adequately:

1. Gears, sprockets, pulleys, fan blades or propellers, friction devices and couplings with protruding bolts or nuts;

2. Shafting and projecting shaft ends that are within seven feet of floor or platform level;

3. Belt, chain or rope drives that are within seven feet of the floor or platform;

4. Fly wheels, provided that fly wheels extending more than seven feet above the floor shall be guarded to a height of at least seven feet;

5. Circular and band saws and planers;

6. Repair pits, provided that guards shall be kept in place when the pits are not in use;

7. Counterweights; and

8. The approach to mine fans shall be guarded.

B. Machinery shall not be repaired or serviced while the machinery is in motion; however, this shall not apply where safe remote devices are used.

C. A guard or safety device removed from any machine shall be replaced before the machine is put in operation.

D. Mechanically operated grinding wheels shall be equipped with (i) safety washers and tool rests; (ii) substantial retaining hoods, the hood opening of which shall not expose more than a 90 degree sector of the wheel; and (iii) eyeshields, unless goggles are worn by the miners. Retaining hoods shall include either a device to control and collect excess rock, metal or dust particles, or a device providing equivalent protection to the miners operating such machinery.

E. The operator or his agent shall develop procedures for examining for potential hazards, completing proper maintenance, and properly operating each type of centrifugal pump. The procedures shall, at a minimum, address the manufacturer's recommendations for start-up and shutdown of the pumps, proper actions to be taken when a pump is suspected of overheating, safe location of start and stop switches, and actions to be taken when signs of structural metal fatigue such as cracks in the frame, damaged cover mounting brackets, or missing bolts or other components are detected. All miners who repair, maintain, or operate such pumps shall be trained in these procedures.

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§ 45.1-161.125. (Repealed effective October 1, 2021) Hydraulic hoses.

All hydraulic hoses used on equipment purchased after January 1, 1986, shall be clearly stamped or labeled by the hydraulic hose manufacturer to indicate the manufacturer's rated pressure in pounds per square inch (psi). For hoses purchased after January 1, 1989, the rated pressure shall be permanently affixed on the outer surface of the hose and repeated at least every two feet. Hoses purchased and installed on automatic displacement hydraulic systems shall have a four-to-one safety factor based on the ratio between minimum burst pressure and the setting of the hydraulic unloading system (such as a relief valve) or shall meet the minimum hose pressure requirements set by the hydraulic equipment manufacturer per the applicable hose standards for each type of equipment. No hydraulic hose shall be used in an application where the hydraulic unloading system is set higher than the hose's rated pressure.

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