Code of Virginia

Code of Virginia
Title 45.1. Mines and Mining

Article 1. General Provisions.

§ 45.1-161.253. Scope of chapter.

This chapter shall be applicable to the operation of any surface coal mine in the Commonwealth, and shall supplement the provisions of Chapter 14.2 (§ 45.1-161.7 et seq.).

1994, c. 28.

§ 45.1-161.254. Regulations governing conditions and practices at surface coal mines.

A. The Chief shall have authority, after consultation with the Virginia Coal Mine Safety Board and in accordance with the provisions of the Administrative Process Act (§ 2.2-4000 et seq.), to promulgate rules and regulations necessary to ensure safe and healthy working conditions in surface coal mines in the Commonwealth. Such rules and regulations governing surface coal mines shall relate to:

1. Safety and health standards for the protection of the life, health and property of, and the prevention of injuries to persons involved in or likely to be affected by any surface coal mining operations which shall include but not be limited to the control of dust concentration levels; installation, maintenance and use of electrical devices, equipment, cables and wires; fire protection; the use and storage of explosives; hoistings; drilling; loading and haulage areas; training of surface miners; preparation of responses to emergencies; examinations of conditions at a surface mine site; and reporting requirements;

2. The storage or disposal of any matter or materials extracted or disturbed as the result of a surface coal mining operation or operations or used in the mining operation or for the refinement or preparation of the materials extracted from the coal mining operation so that such matter or material does not threaten the health or safety of the miners or the general public; and

3. The operation, inspection, operating condition and movement of drilling equipment and machines to protect the health, safety and property of miners and the general public.

B. The Chief shall not promulgate any rule or regulation establishing requirements for the operation of, or conditions at, a surface coal mine which are inconsistent with requirements established by this Act.

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§ 45.1-161.255. Standards for regulations.

In promulgating the rules and regulations pursuant to § 45.1-161.254, the Chief shall consider:

1. Standards utilized and generally recognized by the surface coal mining industry;

2. Standards established by recognized professional coal mining organizations and groups;

3. Standards established by federal mine safety laws;

4. Research, demonstrations, experiments and such other information that is available regarding the maintenance of the highest degree of safety protection, including the latest available scientific data in the field, the technical feasibility of the standards, and the experience gained under this Act and other mine safety laws; and

5. Such other criteria as shall be necessary for the protection of the safety and health of miners and other persons or property likely to be affected by surface coal mines or related operations.

Code 1950, §§ 45-8, 45-84; 1954, c. 191; 1966, c. 594, § 45.1-104; 1972, c. 784; 1974, c. 323; 1975, c. 520; 1978, c. 120; 1982, c. 118; 1990, c. 963; 1994, c. 28.

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