Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 52. Police (State)
Subtitle .
Chapter 2. State Police Communication System

Chapter 2. State Police Communication System.

§ 52-12. Establishment of State Police communication system.

There shall be established in the Department of State Police a fully integrated police communication system operating through sending and receiving stations or receiving stations only, and such associated equipment as may be necessary, at the headquarters of the Superintendent of State Police and at such substations or detached posts as shall be designated by the Superintendent for the purpose of prompt collection and distribution of information throughout the Commonwealth as the police problems of the Commonwealth may require. Authority is hereby granted to connect such communication system directly or indirectly with similar systems in this or adjoining states.

1938, p. 674; Michie Code 1942, § 2154(233); 2022, c. 49.

§ 52-13. Installation, operation, and maintenance of system; personnel.

The Superintendent of State Police is authorized to install, operate, and maintain the communication system and to employ the necessary personnel for its installation, operation, and maintenance. The persons so employed may be members of the State Police, or other state employees, particularly qualified for the duty they are to perform.

1938, p. 674; Michie Code 1942, § 2154(234); 2022, c. 49.

§ 52-14. Availability of system.

The communication system provided for in this chapter may be made available for use by any department or division of state government and by any county, city, town, railroad, or other special police department lawfully maintained by any corporation in the Commonwealth as well as agencies of the federal government, subject to the following terms and conditions:

1. Application for permission to connect with the communication system shall be made to the Superintendent of State Police on forms to be provided by him;

2. Such application may be approved by the Superintendent if, as, and when in his discretion such connection is requisite and necessary for the best interests of the entire system;

3. Upon approval of such application and before the applicant shall be connected with the communication system, such applicant must agree to assume and pay all rentals for sending and receiving stations, or receiving stations only, as may be authorized by the Superintendent for installation within the jurisdiction of the applicant, and any and all costs of installation and operation of such stations; and

4. a. The Commonwealth shall pay all rental for necessary wire or circuit mileage required to connect such stations operated by criminal justice agencies of the Commonwealth and its political subdivisions, or the Federal Bureau of Investigation, with the communication system; and

b. All other agencies shall agree, as a condition of connection or continued service, to assume and pay all rental for necessary wire or circuit mileage required to connect such stations with the communication system.

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§ 52-15. Control of system; orders, rules, or regulations.

The communication system shall remain at all times under the physical and operational control of the Superintendent of State Police, and such control may be exercised by him through such member of the Department of State Police as he shall designate for such purpose.

The Superintendent may make and issue such orders, rules, or regulations for the use of the system as are necessary for efficient operation.

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