Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 54.1. Professions and Occupations
Chapter 9. Branch Pilots

Article 4. Duties, Rights and Powers of Pilots.

§ 54.1-914. Keeping pilot boat.

Every pilot, or the company to which he belongs, shall keep one sufficient boat of at least thirty feet keel.

Code 1950, § 54-550; 1988, c. 765.

§ 54.1-915. Pilot first meeting vessel at sea to have preference.

The first pilot who meets a vessel coming in, which his branch entitles him to conduct, shall have the right to take charge of and conduct her into port.

Code 1950, § 54-554; 1988, c. 765.

§ 54.1-916. Discretion of pilot piloting vessel.

Any pilot piloting a vessel shall have full discretion as to when the vessel shall be piloted to or from sea, or to or from any port or place within the Commonwealth or situated within any of the waters referred to in § 54.1-910. The pilot's discretion shall be exercised in a reasonable way, with a view to the vessel's safety as well as with a view to the safety of the Commonwealth's waters and ports.

Code 1950, § 54-558; 1988, c. 765.

§ 54.1-917. Enforcement of suspension.

If any individual whose pilot's license has been suspended is found on board any vessel as a pilot, or offers to conduct any vessel, he may be dismissed from the vessel by any licensed pilot, to whom all the pilotage shall be paid. The Board may proceed against the individual under the provisions of § 54.1-924 as if the individual had never been licensed. An individual whose pilot's license has been suspended may also be proceeded against under § 54.1-111.

Code 1950, § 54-561; 1988, c. 765.