Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 58.1. Taxation
Chapter 22. Virginia Fuels Tax Act

Article 8. Assessments and Collections.

§ 58.1-2280. Estimates of fuel subject to tax; assessments; notice of assessment.

When any licensee neglects, fails or refuses to make and file any report as required by this chapter or files an incorrect or fraudulent report, the Commissioner shall determine, from any information obtainable, the number of gallons of fuel with respect to which the licensee has incurred liability under this chapter. The Commissioner is authorized to make an assessment for the tax and any penalty and interest properly due against such licensee. The notice of assessment shall be sent to the licensee or delivered by the Department to the last known address appearing in the Commissioner's files. Such notice, when sent or delivered in accordance with these requirements, shall be sufficient regardless of whether or not it was ever received.

2000, cc. 729, 758; 2006, c. 594.

§ 58.1-2281. Application to Commissioner for correction.

A. Any person assessed with any tax administered by the Department may, within thirty days from the date of such assessment, apply for relief to the Commissioner. Such application shall be in the form prescribed by the Department, and shall fully set forth the grounds upon which the taxpayer relies and all facts relevant to the taxpayer's contention. The Commissioner may also require such additional information, testimony or documentary evidence as he deems necessary to a fair determination of the application.

B. On receipt of a written notice of intent to file under this section, the Commissioner shall refrain from collecting the tax until the time for filing hereunder has expired, unless he determines that collection is in jeopardy.

2000, cc. 729, 758.

§ 58.1-2282. Appeal of Commissioner's decisions.

A. Any person against whom an assessment, order or decision of the Commissioner has been adversely rendered, which assessment, order, or decision relates to the collection of unreported, incorrectly or fraudulently reported taxes, the granting or canceling of a license, the filing of a bond, an increase in the amount of a bond, a change of surety on a bond, the filing of reports, the examination of records, or any other matter wherein the findings are in the discretion of the Commissioner, may, within 30 days from the date thereof, file a petition of appeal from such assessment, order, or decision, in the circuit court in the city or county wherein such person resides, provided that any petition for a refund for taxes timely paid shall be filed within one year of the date of payment. A copy of the petition shall be sent to the Commissioner at the time of the filing with the court. The original shall show, by certificate, the date of mailing such copy to the Commissioner.

B. In any proceeding under this section, the assessments by the Commissioner shall be presumed correct. The burden of proof shall be upon the petitioner to show that the assessment was incorrect and contrary to law. The circuit court is authorized to enter judgment against such person for the taxes, penalty, and interest due. The failure by any such person to appeal under the provisions of this section within the time period specified shall render the assessment, order, or decision of the Commissioner conclusively valid and binding upon such person. Such person or the Commissioner may appeal from the final decision of the circuit court to the Court of Appeals.

2000, cc. 729, 758; 2021, Sp. Sess. I, c. 489.

§ 58.1-2283. Jeopardy assessment.

If the Commissioner (i) receives notice from a supplier pursuant to subsection C of § 58.1-2237 of any licensed distributor or licensed importer who did not pay the tax due the supplier, or (ii) is of the opinion that the collection of any tax or any amount of tax required to be collected and paid under this chapter will be jeopardized by delay, the Commissioner shall make an assessment of the tax or amount of tax required to be collected and shall mail or issue a notice of such assessment to the taxpayer with a demand for immediate payment of the tax or of the deficiency in tax declared to be in jeopardy, including penalties and interest. In the case of a tax for a current period, the Commissioner may declare the taxable period of the taxpayer immediately terminated and shall mail or issue the notice of such finding and declaration to the taxpayer with a demand for immediate payment of the tax based on the period declared terminated, and such tax shall be immediately due and payable. Assessments provided for in this section shall become immediately due and payable. If any such tax, penalty or interest is not paid upon demand, the Commissioner may proceed to (i) collect the same by legal process, including but not limited to filing a memorandum of lien pursuant to § 58.1-2284 or (ii) accept a surety bond or other security deemed to sufficiently ensure full payment of the amount of tax, penalty and interest assessed against the taxpayer.

2000, cc. 729, 758; 2004, c. 340.

§ 58.1-2284. Memorandum of lien for collection of taxes.

A. If any taxes or fees, including penalties and interest, due under this chapter become delinquent or are past due, the Commissioner may file a memorandum of lien in the circuit court clerk's office of the county or city in which the taxpayer's place of business is located, or in which the taxpayer resides. If the taxpayer has no place of business or residence within the Commonwealth, such memorandum may be filed in the Circuit Court of the City of Richmond. A copy of such memorandum may also be filed in the clerk's office of all counties and cities in which the taxpayer owns real estate. Such memorandum shall be recorded in the judgment docket book and shall have the effect of a judgment in favor of the Commonwealth, to be enforced as provided in Article 19 (§ 8.01-196 et seq.) of Chapter 3 of Title 8.01, mutatis mutandis, except that a writ of fieri facias may be issued any time after the memorandum is filed. The lien on real estate shall become effective at the time the memorandum is filed in the jurisdiction in which the real estate is located.

B. Recordation of a memorandum of lien hereunder shall not affect the right to a refund or exoneration under this chapter nor shall an application for correction pursuant to § 58.1-2281 affect the power of the Commissioner to collect the tax, except as specifically provided in this chapter.

2000, cc. 729, 758.

§ 58.1-2285. Period of limitations.

The taxes imposed by this chapter shall be assessed within three years from the date on which such taxes became due and payable. In the case of a false or fraudulent return with intent to evade payment of the taxes imposed by this chapter, or a failure to file a return, the taxes may be assessed, or a proceeding in court for the collection of such taxes may be begun without assessment, at any time. The Commissioner shall not examine any person's records beyond the three-year period of limitations unless he has reasonable evidence of fraud, or reasonable cause to believe that such person was required by law to file a return and failed to do so.

2000, cc. 729, 758.

§ 58.1-2286. Waiver of time limitation on assessment of taxes.

If, before the expiration of the time prescribed for assessment of any tax levied pursuant to this title and assessable by the Department, both the Commissioner and the taxpayer have consented in writing to its assessment after such time, the tax may be assessed any time prior to the expiration of the period agreed upon. The period so agreed upon may be extended by subsequent agreements in writing made before the expiration of the period previously agreed upon.

2000, cc. 729, 758.

§ 58.1-2287. Suits to recover taxes.

If any person fails to pay the tax or any civil penalty levied under this chapter, including accrued penalties and interest, when due, the Attorney General or the Commissioner may bring an appropriate action for the recovery of such tax, penalty and interest, provided that if it is found that such failure to pay was willful, judgment shall be rendered for double the amount of the tax or civil penalty found to be due, with costs.

2000, cc. 729, 758.

§ 58.1-2288. Liability of corporate or partnership officer; penalty.

Any corporate or partnership officer who directs or causes the business of which he is a corporate or partnership officer to fail to pay, collect, or truthfully account for and pay over any fuels tax for which the business is liable to the Commonwealth or to a trustee, shall, in addition to other penalties provided by law, be liable for a penalty in the amount of the tax evaded, or not paid, collected, or accounted for and paid over. The penalty shall be assessed and collected in the same manner as such taxes are assessed and collected. However, this penalty shall be dischargeable in bankruptcy proceedings.

2000, cc. 729, 758.