Code of Virginia

Code of Virginia
Title 63.2. Welfare (Social Services)

Article 7. Administrative Appeal.

§ 63.2-1942. Administrative hearing on notice of debt; withholdings; orders to withhold and deliver property to debtor; set-off debt collection.

The Commissioner may delegate authority to conduct any administrative hearing pursuant to this chapter to a duly qualified hearing officer. The hearing shall be held upon reasonable notice to the obligee and the debtor. In no event shall such hearing officer be legally competent to render a decision as to the validity of a court order or a defense of nonpaternity. A decision of the hearing officer shall be in writing and shall set forth the debtor's and payee's rights to appeal the decision of the hearing officer to the appropriate circuit or juvenile and domestic relations district court. The decision shall be served upon the debtor in accordance with the provisions of § 8.01-296, 8.01-327 or 8.01-329, mailed to the debtor at his last known address by certified mail, return receipt requested, or provided by electronic means, or the debtor may waive service of the decision at the time of the decision. A copy of such decision shall also be provided to the obligee. Such decision shall establish the liability of the debtor, if any, and the validity of the administrative action taken.

Action by the Commissioner under the provisions of this chapter to collect such support debt shall be valid and enforceable during the pendency of any appeal. The Commissioner may file and serve liens pursuant to §§ 63.2-1927 and 63.2-1928 during the pendency of the hearing or thereafter, whether or not appealed. Further action under § 63.2-1929 may be taken prior to any hearing or appeal. If the decision is in favor of the debtor, all money collected during the pendency of the appeal shall be returned to the debtor in accordance with procedures adopted by the Board.

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§ 63.2-1943. Appeal from decision of hearing officer.

An appeal may be taken by filing a written notice of appeal with the clerk of the court having proper jurisdiction to review the decision of the hearing officer. The clerk shall send reasonable notice of such appeal, which shall include the date and time of the hearing, to the appellee or to the Department when, at the request of another state's child support agency, it is acting on behalf of a nonresident obligee. A nonresident obligee for whom the Department is acting is not required to appear at the hearing. Evidence relative to the support obligation may be taken from a nonresident obligee by deposition and presented by the Department at the hearing. Such appeal shall be taken within ten days of receipt of the hearing officer's decision.

From the decision of the hearing officer provided for in clause (iii) of subsection B of § 63.2-1924, and §§ 63.2-1916, 63.2-1929, and 63.2-1942 there shall be an appeal de novo to the juvenile and domestic relations district court of the jurisdiction wherein the appellant resides. If the appellant is a nonresident, venue on appeal shall be where the appellee resides. If both the appellant and the appellee are nonresidents, venue shall be where the property of the obligor is located or where the place of business of the obligor's employer is located; if more than one venue is available, then the appellant shall elect the place of venue.

An appeal shall be to the circuit court with respect to determinations under the Setoff Debt Collection Act pursuant to Article 21 (§ 58.1-520 et seq.) of Chapter 3 of Title 58.1 concerning state income tax overpayments and with respect to federal income tax set-off actions.

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