Code of Virginia

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Chapter 19.
Child Support Enforcement
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  • Article 1.
    General Provisions
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  • § 63.2-1900
    § 63.2-1901
    Purpose of chapter; powers and duties of the Department
    § 63.2-1902
    Central unit for information and administration; request and receipt of information from other entities and agencies; disclosure of such information
    § 63.2-1903
    Authority to issue certain orders; civil penalty
    § 63.2-1904
    Administrative support remedies available for individuals not receiving public assistance; fees
    § 63.2-1905
    Establishment of State Case Registry
    § 63.2-1906
    Department may disclose information to Internal Revenue Services
    § 63.2-1907
    Child support enforcement; private contracts
  • Article 2.
    Public Assistance
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  • § 63.2-1908
    Payment of public assistance for child or custodial parent constitutes debt to Department by noncustodial parents; limitations; Department subrogated to rights
    § 63.2-1908.1
    Arrears compromise program
    § 63.2-1909
    Receipt of public assistance for child as assignment of right in support obligation; Commissioner as attorney for endorsing drafts
    § 63.2-1910
    Payment of foster care expenditures for child constitutes debt to local department by noncustodial parents; limitations; local department subrogated to rights
    § 63.2-1911
    Duty of local departments to enforce support; referral to Department
    § 63.2-1912
    Minor noncustodial parents whose child receives TANF; child support obligations
  • Article 4.
    Orders and Review
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  • § 63.2-1915
    Administrative support order
    § 63.2-1916
    Notice of administrative support order; contents; hearing; modification
    § 63.2-1917
    When delivery of notice to party at last known address may be deemed sufficient
    § 63.2-1918
    Administrative establishment of obligations
    § 63.2-1919
    Requirement to provide financial statements
    § 63.2-1920
    Department may order exchange of financial information
    § 63.2-1921
    Authority to initiate reviews of certain orders
    § 63.2-1922
    Commissioner may set amount of debt accrued where no court order or final divorce decree
  • Article 5.
    Income Withholding
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  • § 63.2-1923
    Immediate withholding from income; exception; notices required
    § 63.2-1924
    Withholding from income; default of administrative or judicial support order; notices required; priorities; orders from other states
    § 63.2-1924.1
    Health care coverage; National Medical Support Notice
    § 63.2-1925
    Certain amount of income that may be withheld by lien or order
    § 63.2-1926
    Withholding pursuant to foreign support order
  • Article 6.
    Enforcement Remedies
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  • § 63.2-1927
    Assertion of lien; effect
    § 63.2-1928
    Service of lien
    § 63.2-1929
    Orders to withhold and to deliver property of debtor; issuance and service; contents; right to appeal; answer; effect; delivery of property; bond to release; fee; exemptions
    § 63.2-1930
    Civil liability upon failure to comply with lien, order, etc.
    § 63.2-1931
    Effect of service on banks, savings institutions, etc.
    § 63.2-1932
    Data exchange agreements authorized; immunity
    § 63.2-1932.1
    Automated administrative enforcement in interstate cases
    § 63.2-1933
    Distraint, seizure and sale of property subject to liens
    § 63.2-1934
    Action for foreclosure of lien; satisfaction
    § 63.2-1935
    Satisfaction of lien after foreclosure proceedings instituted; redemption
    § 63.2-1936
    Procedures for posting security, bond or guarantee to secure payment of overdue support
    § 63.2-1937
    Applications for occupational or other license to include social security or control number; suspension upon delinquency; procedure
    § 63.2-1938
    Commissioner may release lien or order or return seized property
    § 63.2-1939
    Commissioner may make demand, file and serve liens, when payments appear in jeopardy
    § 63.2-1940
    Reporting payment arrearage information to consumer credit reporting agencies
    § 63.2-1940.1
    Publishing a most wanted delinquent parent list; coordinated arrests
    § 63.2-1941
    Additional enforcement remedies
  • Article 7.
    Administrative Appeal
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  • § 63.2-1942
    Administrative hearing on notice of debt; withholdings; orders to withhold and deliver property to debtor; set-off debt collection
    § 63.2-1943
    Appeal from decision of hearing officer
  • Article 8.
    Administrative Remedies
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  • § 63.2-1944
    Employee debtor rights protected; limitation
    § 63.2-1945
    Assignment of earnings to be honored; inapplicability of § 40.1-31
    § 63.2-1946
    Virginia New Hire Reporting Center; State Directory of New Hires; reporting by employers
  • Article 9.
    Legal Representation
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  • § 63.2-1947
    Assistance by Office of the Attorney General
    § 63.2-1948
    Payment by Department for legal services
    § 63.2-1949
    Authority of city, county, or attorney for the Commonwealth to represent the Department
    § 63.2-1950
    Child support enforcement privatized legal services