Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 8.01. Civil Remedies and Procedure
Chapter 20.1. Summary Jury Trial

Chapter 20.1. Summary Jury Trial.

§ 8.01-576.1. Election by parties; order of court.

In any civil action pending before a circuit court, the parties may, by agreement in writing submitted to the court at any time prior to trial, elect to have a summary jury trial of the issues in the case in accordance with this chapter. However, where the court determines that the election is made for the purpose of delaying a trial on the merits, a summary jury trial shall not be had.

1988, c. 759.

§ 8.01-576.2. Summary jury trial; selection of jury; fees.

Upon election of the parties, the court shall schedule a summary jury trial to be held as soon as convenient. Notice shall be given to the parties by means adequate to ensure their presence at the time and place of the trial. Seven jurors shall be randomly selected in accordance with the procedures specified in Chapter 11 (§ 8.01-336 et seq.). Fees shall be allowed to jurors selected for a summary jury trial as provided in § 17.1-618.

1988, c. 759.

§ 8.01-576.3. Procedures; verdict not binding unless otherwise agreed.

A judge of the court having jurisdiction over the case shall preside over a summary jury trial. Counsel for the parties or, if a party is not represented by counsel, a party shall verbally present a summary of the issues in the case and the evidence on behalf of each party. Evidence for the plaintiff shall be presented first. Each party shall be given the opportunity to rebut the evidence of another party upon request. The testimony of witnesses and the submission of documentary evidence shall not be allowed except as stipulated or agreed to by the parties.

Upon conclusion of the presentations of the summary evidence, the court shall instruct the jury on the law applicable to the cause. The jury shall advise the court of its verdict upon conclusion of the deliberations.

Unless otherwise agreed by the parties in writing submitted to the court prior to a jury being impanelled pursuant to this chapter, the verdict of a summary jury shall not be binding on either party and shall not be admissible on any subsequent trial of the case. If the parties have agreed to be bound by the verdict, judgment shall be entered by the court in accordance with the verdict.

1988, c. 759.