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Virginia Administrative Code
Title 12. Health
Agency 5. Department Of Health
Chapter 590. Waterworks Regulations

12VAC5-590-550. Recordkeeping.

All owners shall retain at their waterworks or at a convenient location near their waterworks the following records for the minimum time periods specified:

A. Records of microbiological analyses and turbidity analyses, including records of any repeat samples taken and meeting the criteria for an extension of the 24-hour period for collecting repeat samples as required under 12VAC5-590-380 -- Five years.

B. Chemical Analyses -- 10 years.

C. Individual filter monitoring required under 12VAC5-590-530 E 1 b (2) -- Three years.

D. Results of Disinfection Profile including raw data and analysis -- Indefinitely.

E. Disinfection Benchmarking including raw data and analysis -- Indefinitely.

F. The following information shall be provided for subsections A and B of this section:

1. Date, place, and time of sampling as well as the name of the person who collected the sample;

2. Identification of sample (e.g., routine, check sample, raw water, other);

3. Date of analysis;

4. Laboratory and/or person responsible for performing analysis;

5. Analytical method/technique used; and

6. Results of the analysis.

G. Original records of all sampling data and analyses, reports, surveys, letters, evaluations, schedules, commissioner determinations, and any other information required by 12VAC5-590-405 A 1 and 2, B, C, and D; and 12VAC5-590-375 B, C, and D pertaining to lead and copper. Each waterworks owner shall retain the records required by this section for no fewer than 12 years.

H. Owners shall keep results from the initial round of source water monitoring under 12VAC5-590-420 B 3 a (1) and the second round of source water monitoring under 12VAC5-590-420 B 3 a (2) until three years after bin classification under 12VAC5-590-420 B 3 c (1) for the particular round of monitoring.

I. Owners shall keep any notification to the commissioner that they will not conduct source water monitoring due to meeting the criteria of 12VAC5-590-420 B 3 a (4) for three years.

J. Owners shall keep the results of treatment monitoring associated with microbial toolbox options under 12VAC5-590-420 B 3 d (3) through (7) and with uncovered finished water reservoirs under 12VAC5-590-420 L, as applicable, for three years.

K. Action taken to correct violations of these regulations -- three years after last action with respect to violation involved.

L. Owners shall retain completed assessment forms for all Level 1 and Level 2 assessments conducted in accordance with 12VAC5-590-392 C, regardless of who conducts the assessment, and documentation of corrective actions completed as a result of those assessments, or other available summary documentation of the sanitary defects and correction actions taken under 12VAC5-590-392 D for a period not less than five years after completion of the assessment or corrective action, whichever is later.

M. Copies of reports, summaries, or communications relating to any sanitary surveys performed -- 10 years following inspection.

N. Variance or exemptions granted (and records related thereto) -- five years following expiration of variance or exemption.

O. Cross connection control program records -- 10 years.

P. Owners of waterworks that recycle flow, as stipulated in 12VAC5-590-420 K, shall collect and retain on file recycle flow information for review and evaluation by the district engineer beginning June 8, 2004. Information shall include, as a minimum:

1. Copy of the recycle notification submitted to the district engineer under 12VAC5-590-530 K.

2. List of all recycle flows and the frequency with which they are returned.

3. Average and maximum backwash flow rate through the filters and the average and maximum duration of the filter backwash process, in minutes.

4. Typical filter run length and a written summary of how the filter run length is determined.

5. The type of treatment provided for the recycle flow.

6. Data on the physical dimensions of the equalization and/or treatment units, typical and maximum hydraulic loading rates, type of treatment chemicals used, average dose, frequency of use, and frequency at which solids are removed, if applicable.

Q. Copies of monitoring plans developed pursuant to these regulations shall be kept for the same period of time as the records of analyses taken under the plan are required to be kept under subsection A or B of this section, except as specified elsewhere in this chapter.

R. All owners shall retain the following additional records:

1. Plant operational records.

2. Water well completion reports.

3. As-built engineering plans and specifications of facilities.

4. Shop drawings of major equipment.

5. Records of equipment repair or replacement.

6. Updated map of water distribution system.

7. All accident reports.

S. Additional recordkeeping requirements for groundwater systems.

1. Records of corrective actions – 10 years.

2. Records of public notification as required by 12VAC5-590-540 – Three years.

3. Records of invalidation of groundwater source samples – Five years.

4. For consecutive waterworks, records of notification to the wholesale waterworks of coliform-positive samples – Five years.

5. For waterworks required to conduct compliance monitoring:

a. Records of the ODW specified minimum disinfectant residual – 10 years.

b. Records of the lowest daily residual disinfectant concentration – Five years.

c. Records of the dates and duration of any failure to maintain the ODW specified minimum residual disinfectant concentration for a period of more than four hours – Five years.

d. Records of any ODW specified compliance parameters for alternative treatment and records of the date and duration of any failure to meet the alternative treatment operating requirements for more than four hours – Five years.

Statutory Authority

§§ 32.1-12 and 32.1-170 of the Code of Virginia.

Historical Notes

Derived from VR355-18-005.11 § 2.22, eff. August 1, 1991; amended, Volume 09, Issue 17, eff. June 23, 1993; Volume 12, Issue 02, eff. November 15, 1995; Volume 18, Issue 19, eff. July 3, 2002; Volume 19, Issue 20, eff. July 16, 2003; Volume 21, Issue 13, eff. April 6, 2005; Volume 25, Issue 05, eff. December 10, 2008; Volume 28, Issue 05, eff. December 7, 2011; Volume 33, Issue 03, eff. November 2, 2016.

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