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Virginia Administrative Code
Title 14. Insurance
Agency 5. State Corporation Commission, Bureau of Insurance
Chapter 200. Rules Governing Long-Term Care Insurance

14VAC5-200-75. Required disclosure of rating practices to consumer.

A. Other than policies for which no applicable premium rate or rate schedule increases can be made, insurers shall provide all of the information listed in this subsection to the applicant at the time of application or enrollment, unless the method of application does not allow for delivery at that time. In such a case, an insurer shall provide all of the information listed in this section to the applicant no later than at the time of delivery of the policy or certificate.

1. A statement that the policy may be subject to rate increases in the future;

2. An explanation of potential future premium rate revisions, and the policyholder's or certificateholder's option in the event of a premium rate revision;

3. The premium rate or rate schedules applicable to the applicant that will be in effect until a request is made for an increase;

4. A general explanation for applying premium rate or rate schedule adjustments that shall include:

a. A description of when premium rate or rate schedule adjustments will be effective (e.g., next anniversary date, next billing date, etc.); and

b. The right to a revised premium rate or rate schedule as provided in subdivision 2 of this subsection if the premium rate or rate schedule is changed;

5. a. Information regarding each premium rate increase on this policy form or similar policy forms over the past 10 years for this Commonwealth or any other state that, at a minimum, identifies:

(1) The policy forms for which premium rates have been increased;

(2) The calendar years when the form was available for purchase; and

(3) The amount or percentage of each increase. The percentage may be expressed as a percentage of the premium rate prior to the increase, and may also be expressed as minimum and maximum percentages if the rate increase is variable by rating characteristics.

b. The insurer may, in a fair manner, provide additional explanatory information related to the rate increases.

c. An insurer shall have the right to exclude from the disclosure premium rate increases that only apply to blocks of business acquired from other nonaffiliated insurers or the long-term care policies acquired from other nonaffiliated insurers when those increases occurred prior to the acquisition.

d. If an acquiring insurer files for a rate increase on a long-term care policy form or a block of policy forms acquired from nonaffiliated insurers 24 months or more following the acquisition of the policy form or the block of policies, the acquiring insurer may exclude that rate increase from the disclosure. However, the nonaffiliated selling company shall include the disclosure of that rate increase in accordance with subdivision 5 a of this subsection.

e. If the acquiring insurer in subdivision 5 d of this subsection files for a subsequent rate increase, even within the 24-month period, on the same policy form acquired from nonaffiliated insurers or block of policy forms acquired from nonaffiliated insurers referenced in subdivision 5 d of this subsection, the acquiring insurer shall make all disclosures required by subdivision 5 of this subsection, including disclosure of the earlier rate increase referenced in subdivision 5 d of this subsection.

B. An applicant shall sign an acknowledgment at the time of application, unless the method of application does not allow for signature at that time, that the insurer made the disclosure required under subdivisions A 1 and 5 of this section. If due to the method of application the applicant cannot sign an acknowledgment at the time of application, the applicant shall sign no later than at the time of delivery of the policy or certificate. The insurer shall maintain copies of the signed acknowledgment for the duration of the policy or certificate.

C. An insurer shall use Forms B and F to comply with the requirements of subsections A and B of this section.

D. An insurer shall provide notice of an upcoming premium rate schedule increase to all policyholders or certificateholders, if applicable, at least 75 days prior to the implementation of the premium rate schedule increase by the insurer. Such notice shall be filed with the commission at the time the premium rate increase is filed. The notice shall include at least the following information:

1. All applicable information identified in subsection A of this section when the rate increase is implemented;

2. A clear explanation of options available to the policyholder as alternatives to paying the increased premium amount, including:

a. An offer to reduce policy benefits provided by the current coverage consistent with the requirements of 14VAC5-200-183;

b. A disclosure stating that all options available to the policyholder may not be of equal value;

c. In the case of a partnership policy, a disclosure that some benefit reduction options may result in a loss in partnership status that may reduce policyholder protections; and

d. Contact information that will allow the policyholder to contact the insurer for additional options available;

3. A clear identification of the driving factors of the premium rate increase; and

4. A statement substantially similar to the following:

The rate increase request was reviewed by the commission and was found to be compliant with applicable Virginia laws and regulations addressing long-term care insurance. All premium rate filings are available for public inspection and may be accessed online through the Virginia Bureau of Insurance's webpage at

Statutory Authority

§§ 12.1-13, 38.2-223 and 38.2-5202 of the Code of Virginia.

Historical Notes

Derived from Virginia Register Volume 18, Issue 6, eff. February 1, 2002; amended, Virginia Register Volume 19, Issue 12, eff. April 1, 2003; Volume 23, Issue 17, eff. September 1, 2007; Volume 31, Issue 18, eff. September 1, 2015; Volume 36, Issue 22, eff. June 22, 2020.

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