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Virginia Administrative Code
Title 2. Agriculture
Agency 5. Department of Agriculture And Consumer Services
Chapter 585. Retail Food Establishment Regulations

2VAC5-585-1780. Equipment food-contact surfaces and utensils.

A. Equipment food-contact surfaces and utensils shall be cleaned:

1. Except as specified in subsection B of this section, before each use with a different type of raw animal food such as beef, fish, lamb, pork, or poultry;P

2. Each time there is a change from working with raw foods to working with ready-to-eat foods;P

3. Between uses with raw fruits and vegetables and with time/temperature control for safety food;P

4. Before using or storing a food temperature measuring device;P and

5. At any time during the operation when contamination may have occurred.P

B. Subdivision A 1 of this section does not apply if the food-contact surface or utensil is in contact with a succession of different types of raw meat and poultry each requiring a higher cooking temperature as specified under 2VAC5-585-700 than the previous type.

C. Except as specified in subsection D of this section, if used with time/temperature control for safety food, equipment food-contact surfaces and utensils shall be cleaned throughout the day at least every four hours.P

D. Surfaces of utensils and equipment contacting time/temperature control for safety food may be cleaned less frequently than every four hours if:

1. In storage, containers of time/temperature control for safety food and their contents are maintained at temperatures specified under Part III (2VAC5-585-260 et seq.) of this chapter and the containers are cleaned when they are empty;

2. Utensils and equipment are used to prepare food in a refrigerated room or area that is maintained at one of the temperatures in the following chart and:

a. The utensils and equipment are cleaned at the frequency in the following chart that corresponds to the temperature; and


Cleaning Frequency

41°F (5.0°C) or less

24 hours

>41°F - 45°F

(>5.0°C - 7.2°C)

20 hours

>45°F - 50°F

(>7.2°C - 10.0°C)

16 hours

>50°F - 55°F

(>10.0°C - 12.8°C)

10 hours

b. The cleaning frequency based on the ambient temperature of the refrigerated room or area is documented in the food establishment.

3. Containers in serving situations such as salad bars, delis, and cafeteria lines that hold ready-to-eat time/temperature control for safety food that is maintained at the temperatures specified under Part III, are intermittently combined with additional supplies of the same food that is at the required temperature, and the containers are cleaned at least every 24 hours;

4. Temperature measuring devices are maintained in contact with food, such as when left in a container of deli food or in a roast, held at temperatures specified under Part III;

5. Equipment is used for storage of packaged or unpackaged food such as a reach-in refrigerator and the equipment is cleaned at a frequency necessary to preclude accumulation of soil residues;

6. The cleaning schedule is approved based on consideration of:

a. Characteristics of the equipment and its use;

b. The type of food involved;

c. The amount of food residue accumulation; and

d. The temperature at which the food is maintained during the operation and the potential for the rapid and progressive multiplication of pathogenic or toxigenic microorganisms that are capable of causing foodborne disease; or

7. In-use utensils are intermittently stored in a container of water in which the water is maintained at 135°F (57°C) or more and the utensils and container are cleaned at least every 24 hours or at a frequency necessary to preclude accumulation of soil residues.

E. Except when dry cleaning methods are used as specified under 2VAC5-585-1810, surfaces of utensils and equipment contacting food that is not time/temperature control for safety food shall be cleaned:

1. At any time when contamination may have occurred;

2. At least every 24 hours for iced tea dispensers and consumer self-service utensils such as tongs, scoops, or ladles;

3. Before restocking consumer self-service equipment and utensils such as condiment dispensers and display containers; and

4. In equipment such as ice bins and beverage dispensing nozzles and enclosed components of equipment such as ice makers, cooking oil storage tanks and distribution lines, beverage and syrup dispensing lines or tubes, coffee bean grinders, and water vending equipment:

a. At a frequency specified by the manufacturer; or

b. Absent manufacturer specifications, at a frequency necessary to preclude accumulation of soil or mold.

Statutory Authority

§ 3.2-5121 of the Code of Virginia.

Historical Notes

Derived from Virginia Register Volume 24, Issue 2, eff. October 16, 2007; amended, Virginia Register Volume 32, Issue 22, eff. July 12, 2016; Volume 37, Issue 19, eff. June 24, 2021.

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