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The Code of Virginia, Constitution of Virginia, Charters, Authorities, Compacts and Uncodified Acts are now available in EPub eBook format. The EPub format can be used with the eReader, iPad, Nook, Digital Editions, and other readers that support the EPub open standard. These publications will be updated as frequently as the Virginia Law Portal website.

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SubjectAvailable Formats
Constitution of VirginiaEPUBPDFCSV
Uncodified ActsEPUBPDFCSV
Code of Virginia
Title 1: General ProvisionsEPUBPDFCSV
Title 2.2: Administration of GovernmentEPUBPDFCSV
Title 3.2: Agriculture, Animal Care, and FoodEPUBPDFCSV
Title 4.1: Alcoholic Beverage and Cannabis ControlEPUBPDFCSV
Title 5.1: AviationEPUBPDFCSV
Title 6.2: Financial Institutions and ServicesEPUBPDFCSV
Title 8.01: Civil Remedies and ProcedureEPUBPDFCSV
Title 8.1A: Uniform Commercial Code — General ProvisionsEPUBPDFCSV
Title 8.2: Commercial Code - SalesEPUBPDFCSV
Title 8.2A: Commercial Code — LeasesEPUBPDFCSV
Title 8.3A: Commercial Code — Negotiable InstrumentsEPUBPDFCSV
Title 8.4: Commercial Code — Bank Deposits and CollectionsEPUBPDFCSV
Title 8.4A: Commercial Code — Funds TransfersEPUBPDFCSV
Title 8.5A: Uniform Commercial Code — Letters of CreditEPUBPDFCSV
Title 8.7: Commercial Code — Warehouse Receipts, Bills of Lading and Other Documents of TitleEPUBPDFCSV
Title 8.8A: Commercial Code — Investment SecuritiesEPUBPDFCSV
Title 8.9A: Commercial Code — Secured TransactionsEPUBPDFCSV
Title 8.10: Commercial Code — Effective Date — Transitional ProvisionsEPUBPDFCSV
Title 8.11: 1973 Amendatory Act — Effective Date and Transition ProvisionsEPUBPDFCSV
Title 9.1: Commonwealth Public SafetyEPUBPDFCSV
Title 10.1: ConservationEPUBPDFCSV
Title 11: ContractsEPUBPDFCSV
Title 12.1: State Corporation CommissionEPUBPDFCSV
Title 13.1: CorporationsEPUBPDFCSV
Title 15.2: Counties, Cities and TownsEPUBPDFCSV
Title 16.1: Courts Not of RecordEPUBPDFCSV
Title 17.1: Courts of RecordEPUBPDFCSV
Title 18.2: Crimes and Offenses GenerallyEPUBPDFCSV
Title 19.2: Criminal ProcedureEPUBPDFCSV
Title 20: Domestic RelationsEPUBPDFCSV
Title 21: Drainage, Soil Conservation, Sanitation and Public Facilities DistrictsEPUBPDFCSV
Title 22.1: EducationEPUBPDFCSV
Title 23.1: Institutions of Higher Education; Other Educational and Cultural InstitutionsEPUBPDFCSV
Title 24.2: ElectionsEPUBPDFCSV
Title 25.1: Eminent DomainEPUBPDFCSV
Title 27: Fire ProtectionEPUBPDFCSV
Title 28.2: Fisheries and Habitat of the Tidal WatersEPUBPDFCSV
Title 29.1: Wildlife, Inland Fisheries and BoatingEPUBPDFCSV
Title 30: General AssemblyEPUBPDFCSV
Title 32.1: HealthEPUBPDFCSV
Title 33.2: Highways and Other Surface Transportation SystemsEPUBPDFCSV
Title 34: Homestead and Other ExemptionsEPUBPDFCSV
Title 35.1: Hotels, Restaurants, Summer Camps, and CampgroundsEPUBPDFCSV
Title 36: HousingEPUBPDFCSV
Title 37.2: Behavioral Health and Developmental ServicesEPUBPDFCSV
Title 38.2: InsuranceEPUBPDFCSV
Title 40.1: Labor and EmploymentEPUBPDFCSV
Title 41.1: Land OfficeEPUBPDFCSV
Title 42.1: LibrariesEPUBPDFCSV
Title 43: Mechanics' and Certain Other LiensEPUBPDFCSV
Title 44: Military and Emergency LawsEPUBPDFCSV
Title 45.2: Mines, Minerals, and EnergyEPUBPDFCSV
Title 46.2: Motor VehiclesEPUBPDFCSV
Title 47.1: Notaries and Out-of-State CommissionersEPUBPDFCSV
Title 48: NuisancesEPUBPDFCSV
Title 49: Oaths, Affirmations and BondsEPUBPDFCSV
Title 50: PartnershipsEPUBPDFCSV
Title 51.1: Pensions, Benefits, and RetirementEPUBPDFCSV
Title 51.5: Persons with DisabilitiesEPUBPDFCSV
Title 52: Police (State)EPUBPDFCSV
Title 53.1: Prisons and Other Methods of CorrectionEPUBPDFCSV
Title 54.1: Professions and OccupationsEPUBPDFCSV
Title 55.1: Property and ConveyancesEPUBPDFCSV
Title 56: Public Service CompaniesEPUBPDFCSV
Title 57: Religious and Charitable Matters; CemeteriesEPUBPDFCSV
Title 58.1: TaxationEPUBPDFCSV
Title 59.1: Trade and CommerceEPUBPDFCSV
Title 60.2: Unemployment CompensationEPUBPDFCSV
Title 61.1: Warehouses, Cold Storage and Refrigerated Locker PlantsEPUBPDFCSV
Title 62.1: Waters of the State, Ports and HarborsEPUBPDFCSV
Title 63.2: Welfare (Social Services)EPUBPDFCSV
Title 64.2: Wills, Trusts, and FiduciariesEPUBPDFCSV
Title 65.2: Workers' CompensationEPUBPDFCSV
Title 66: Juvenile JusticeEPUBPDFCSV