Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 25.1. Eminent Domain
Chapter 2. Condemnation Procedures

§ 25.1-243. Withdrawal pendente lite of money paid into court.

A. At any time after payment into court of the sum ascertained in the report of the award of just compensation, notwithstanding the fact that another trial of the issue of just compensation has been ordered or an appeal has been taken from a final order upon the report as provided in subsection B of § 25.1-239, a party whose property or interest therein is to be taken or damaged may apply to the court, in the manner provided in this section, for the withdrawal pendente lite of all, or any portion of his pro rata share, of the amount deposited for his interest in the property to be taken or damaged, together with his pro rata share of any interest accrued thereon.

B. If such application requests withdrawal of an amount in excess of 50 percent of such owner's pro rata share of the amount deposited, exclusive of interest, the court may require the applicant, before withdrawing any of such excess, to give or file a bond with the court for the return of the amount withdrawn that exceeds the amount to which the owner is entitled as finally determined in the condemnation proceeding, together with interest from the date of the withdrawal of the amount in excess of 50 percent of such owner's pro rata share of such amount deposited. Such bond shall be with surety approved by the court or clerk, conditioned as required by law to the effect that they are bound to the petitioner in such amount as fixed by the court, but not to exceed double the amount of such excess. Interest accruing prior to July 1, 1970, shall be paid at the rate of five percent annually; interest accruing thereafter and prior to July 1, 1981, shall be paid at the rate of six percent annually; interest accruing thereafter and prior to July 1, 2003, shall be paid at the rate of eight percent annually; and interest accruing thereafter shall be paid at the general account's primary liquidity portfolio rate, compiled by the Department of the Treasury.

C. Such application shall be verified and shall set forth the owner's interest in the property to be taken or damaged and request withdrawal of a stated amount. A copy of such application for withdrawal shall be served upon the petitioner or its counsel of record. No order permitting such withdrawal shall be entered until at least 21 days after service of such application upon the petitioner without its consent. Within such 21-day period the petitioner may object to such withdrawal by filing written objections thereto with the court on the grounds that the amount of, or the sureties upon the proposed bond are insufficient or that other persons are known or believed to have interests in such property. A copy of any such objections shall be served upon the applicant and such other persons as have appeared or answered, or their attorneys of record.

D. If any person appears and objects to the proposed withdrawal, or if the petitioner so requests, the court shall determine the amount to be withdrawn, if any, and the persons entitled thereto. Upon such determination, no other person so served shall have any claim against the petitioner to the extent of the amount so withdrawn. The court may follow the procedure prescribed in § 25.1-241 for the determination of any controversy among any claimants to the funds or to the ownership of the property subject to the condemnation, and may tax the costs thereof as therein provided.

E. If the award that is confirmed finally is for a lesser amount than the amount paid into court, the petitioner shall recover the amount of such excess and, if any person has been paid a greater sum than that to which he is entitled, judgment shall be entered for the petitioner against such person for the amount of such excess and any interest thereon.

F. The amount of the petitioner's deposit under § 25.1-224 or § 25.1-237 and the amount of such deposit withdrawn by any party in accordance with the provisions of this section shall not be given in evidence or referred to in the trial of the issue of just compensation or be considered by the court or upon appeal in determining whether the award is inadequate or excessive, nor limit the rights of any party to appeal from any decision therein.

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The chapters of the acts of assembly referenced in the historical citation at the end of this section may not constitute a comprehensive list of such chapters and may exclude chapters whose provisions have expired.