Code of Virginia

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Chapter 2.
Condemnation Procedures
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  • Article 1.
    General Provisions
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  • § 25.1-200
    Chapter controls condemnation proceedings
    § 25.1-201
    Jurisdiction of condemnation proceedings
    § 25.1-202
    Nature of proceedings
    § 25.1-203
    Authority of certain condemnors to inspect property; reimbursement for damages; notice prior to entry
    § 25.1-204
    Effort to purchase required; prerequisite to effort to purchase or filing certificate
  • Article 2.
    Condemnation Proceedings
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  • § 25.1-205
    Commencement of proceedings
    § 25.1-205.1
    Mandatory dispute resolution orientation session
    § 25.1-206
    Petition for condemnation
    § 25.1-207
    Inclusion in petition of request for right of entry
    § 25.1-208
    Joinder of separate parcels
    § 25.1-209
    Notice of filing of petition
    § 25.1-210
    Service of notice by order of publication; mailing copy of notice by publication
    § 25.1-211
    Form of notice by publication
    § 25.1-212
    Personal service of notice on nonresident owner
    § 25.1-213
    Filing an answer and grounds of defense; election of commissioners or jury
    § 25.1-214
    Failure of owner to file answer and grounds of defense
    § 25.1-215
    No notice required where owner is a person under a disability; appointment of guardian ad litem
    § 25.1-216
    Amendments to pleadings
    § 25.1-217
    Substitution of party where owner becomes incapable of defending
    § 25.1-218
    Intervention in proceedings
    § 25.1-219
    Pretrial settlement conference; determination of preliminary issues; fixing date of trial on issue of just compensation
    § 25.1-220
    Who determines issue of just compensation
    § 25.1-221
    Consolidation of petitions for trial
    § 25.1-222
    Proceedings not to be delayed by claims with respect to ownership of property
  • Article 3.
    Right of Entry After Filing Petition
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  • § 25.1-223
    Right to enter upon property
    § 25.1-224
    Conditions upon entry; bonding; withdrawal of share by owner
    § 25.1-225
    Abandonment of proceedings after entry upon property
  • Article 6.
    Provisions Applicable to Determinations of Just Compensation
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  • § 25.1-230
    Measure of just compensation; oaths of members of body determining just compensation
    § 25.1-230.1
    (See Editor's Note) Lost access and lost profits
    § 25.1-231
    View of property
    § 25.1-232
    Testimony on issues; report on just compensation
    § 25.1-233
    Confirmation of report; exceptions to report
    § 25.1-234
    Participation by certain tenants in proceedings to determine just compensation
    § 25.1-235
    Compensation of commissioners or jurors
    § 25.1-236
    Contracts made part of report
  • Article 7.
    Judgment and Post-Judgment Procedure
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  • § 25.1-237
    Payment of compensation and damages into court; vesting of title
    § 25.1-238
    Petitioner may begin work during pendency of proceedings; injunction prohibited
    § 25.1-239
    Finality of order confirming, altering or modifying report; appeal
    § 25.1-240
    Distribution of money paid into court
    § 25.1-241
    Hearing on controversy among claimants to money paid into court
    § 25.1-242
    Appointment of other body to determine just compensation when new trial ordered; costs of new trial
    § 25.1-243
    Withdrawal pendente lite of money paid into court
    § 25.1-244
    Interest on award; entry of judgment for award and interest
    § 25.1-245
    § 25.1-245.1
    § 25.1-246
    When sheriff to remove forcible resistance to entry
    § 25.1-247
    Recordation of orders, judgments and proceedings; costs
    § 25.1-247.1
    Distribution of funds to owner or owner's attorney
  • Article 8.
    Dismissal of Proceedings
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  • § 25.1-248
    Dismissal of proceedings prior to trial on issue of just compensation
    § 25.1-249
    Dismissal of proceedings after commencement of trial on issue of just compensation
    § 25.1-250
    Effect of failure of petitioner to pay award; expenses
    § 25.1-251
    Dismissal of proceedings by stipulation of parties; effect of dismissal; dropping parties