Code of Virginia

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Chapter 13.
Virginia Professional Limited Liability Company Act
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§ 13.1-1100
Reservation of power to amend or repeal
§ 13.1-1101
Legislative purpose
§ 13.1-1101.1
Practice of certain professions by limited liability companies
§ 13.1-1102
§ 13.1-1103
Who may become a member
§ 13.1-1104
Use of initials "P.L.C.," "PLC," "P.L.L.C." or "PLLC" in company name
§ 13.1-1105
Certificate of authority for foreign professional limited liability company
§ 13.1-1106
Merger with foreign professional limited liability company or foreign professional corporation
§ 13.1-1107
How limited liability company may render professional services; nonprofessional employees and agents; members and managers need not be employees, etc.
§ 13.1-1108
Professional law limited liability company may qualify as executor, administrator or in other fiduciary capacity
§ 13.1-1109
Professional relationships not affected; liability for debts, etc., of limited liability company, its members, managers, employees, and agents
§ 13.1-1110
Professional limited liability company not to engage in other business; investment of funds
§ 13.1-1111
Qualifications of members and managers; special provisions for limited liability companies rendering service of architects, professional engineers, land surveyors and landscape architects, and using the title of certified interior designers
§ 13.1-1112
Special provision for limited liability company engaged in practice of accounting
§ 13.1-1113
Registration certificate required for limited liability company engaged in practice of law
§ 13.1-1114
§ 13.1-1115
Transfer of membership interests
§ 13.1-1116
Disqualification of member, manager, agent or employee
§ 13.1-1117
Conversion into nonprofessional company; disposition of membership interests of deceased or disqualified members
§ 13.1-1118
§ 13.1-1119
§ 13.1-1120
Income and property taxes
§ 13.1-1121
§ 13.1-1122
Application of Chapter 12 of this title
§ 13.1-1123
Coordination with other provisions of Virginia Code