Code of Virginia

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Chapter 14.
Virginia Business Trust Act
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  • Article 5.
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  • § 13.1-1228
    Trustee management; limitation on duties and liabilities of others
    § 13.1-1229
    Trustee standards of conduct; trustee liability; restrictions on liability limitations in governing instrument
    § 13.1-1230
  • Article 6.
    Legal Proceedings
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  • § 13.1-1231
    Capacity to sue and be sued; process; liabilities and obligations; attachment; seizure of certain assets
  • Article 10.
    Annual Registration Fees
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  • § 13.1-1251
    Annual registration fees to be assessed and collected by Commission; application of payment
    § 13.1-1252
    Assessment of annual registration fees; annual registration fee to be paid by domestic and foreign business trusts
    § 13.1-1253
    § 13.1-1254
    Penalty for failure to timely pay annual registration fees or file statement of change
    § 13.1-1255
    Payment of fees, fines, penalties, and interest prerequisite to Commission action; refunds
    § 13.1-1256
    Collection by suit and of unpaid bills
  • Article 14.
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  • § 13.1-1282
    Construction and application of chapter and governing instrument
    § 13.1-1283
    Reservation of power to amend or repeal
    § 13.1-1284
    Application to existing real estate investment trusts and foreign business trusts
    § 13.1-1285
    Property title records