Code of Virginia

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Chapter 18.
Buildings, Monuments and Lands Generally
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  • Article 1.
    Purchase, Sale, Etc., of Real Property
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  • § 15.2-1800
    Purchase, sale, use, etc., of real property
    § 15.2-1800.1
    Tenancy in common with school board for certain property
    § 15.2-1800.2
    Acquisition of real property near certain facilities
    § 15.2-1800.3
    Sale of certain property by locality to adjoining landowners
    § 15.2-1800.4
    Restrictive covenants; prohibited; recreational property; Loudoun County
    § 15.2-1801
    Acquisition of real property near parks or other public property
    § 15.2-1802
    Authority of towns to acquire, lease or sell land for development of business and industry
    § 15.2-1803
    Approval and acceptance of conveyances of real estate
    § 15.2-1804
    Building by locality
    § 15.2-1804.1
    (For applicability, see Acts 2021, Sp. Sess. I, c. 473, cl. 2) Building by locality; high performance standards
    § 15.2-1805
    Permitting individuals with visual impairments to operate stands for sale of newspapers, etc.
  • Article 2.
    Parks, Recreation Facilities and Playgrounds
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  • § 15.2-1806
    Parks, recreation facilities, playgrounds, etc.
    § 15.2-1807
    Recreation, etc., system; petition and election for establishment
    § 15.2-1808
    Certain sports facilities
    § 15.2-1809
    Liability of localities and certain authorities in the operation of parks, recreational facilities and playgrounds
    § 15.2-1809.1
    Liability of localities for the site of trails or waterways
    § 15.2-1810
    Leasing land for swimming pool purposes
    § 15.2-1811
    Counties and cities may operate parks, recreational facilities and swimming pools in sanitary districts