Code of Virginia

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Chapter 17.
Police and Public Order
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  • Article 1.
    General Provisions
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  • § 15.2-1700
    Preservation of peace and good order
    § 15.2-1701
    Organization of police forces
    § 15.2-1702
    Referendum required prior to establishment of county police force
    § 15.2-1703
    Referendum to abolish county police force
    § 15.2-1704
    Powers and duties of police force
    § 15.2-1705
    Minimum qualifications; waiver
    § 15.2-1706
    Certification through training required for all law-enforcement officers; waiver of requirements
    § 15.2-1707
    Decertification of law-enforcement officers
    § 15.2-1708
    Notice of decertification
    § 15.2-1709
    Employer immunity from liability; disclosure of information regarding former deputy sheriffs and law-enforcement officers
    § 15.2-1710
    Fees and other compensation
    § 15.2-1710.1
    Arrest or summons quota prohibited
    § 15.2-1711
    Providing legal fees and expenses for law-enforcement officers; repayment to locality of two-thirds of amount by Compensation Board
    § 15.2-1712
    Employment of off-duty officers
    § 15.2-1713
    Localities authorized to offer and pay rewards in felony and misdemeanor cases
    § 15.2-1713.1
    Local "Crime Stoppers" programs; confidentiality
    § 15.2-1714
    Establishing police lines, perimeters, or barricades
    § 15.2-1715
    Authority to declare Intensified Drug Enforcement Jurisdictions; expenditure of funds
    § 15.2-1716
    Reimbursement of expenses incurred in responding to DUI and related incidents
    § 15.2-1716.1
    Reimbursement of expenses incurred in responding to terrorism hoax incident, bomb threat, or malicious activation of fire alarm
    § 15.2-1716.2
    Methamphetamine lab cleanup costs; localities may charge for reimbursement
    § 15.2-1717
    Preventing interference with pupils at schools
    § 15.2-1717.1
    Designation of police to enforce trespass violations
    § 15.2-1718
    Receipt of missing child reports
    § 15.2-1718.1
    Receipt of missing senior adult reports
    § 15.2-1718.2
    Receipt of critically missing adult reports
    § 15.2-1719
    Disposal of unclaimed property in possession of sheriff or police
    § 15.2-1720
    Localities authorized to license bicycles, electric power-assisted bicycles, mopeds, and electric personal assistive mobility devices; disposition of unclaimed bicycles, electric power-assisted bicycles, mopeds, and electric personal assistive mobility devices
    § 15.2-1721
    Disposal of unclaimed firearms or other weapons in possession of sheriff or police
    § 15.2-1721.1
    Acquisition of military property by localities
    § 15.2-1722
    Certain records to be kept by sheriffs and chiefs of police
    § 15.2-1722.1
    Prohibited practices; collection of data
    § 15.2-1723
    Validation of certain police forces
    § 15.2-1723.1
    Body-worn camera system
    § 15.2-1723.2
    (Effective until July 1, 2026) Facial recognition technology; approval; penalty
    § 15.2-1723.2
    (Effective July 1, 2026) Facial recognition technology; approval
  • Article 2.
    Interjurisdictional Law-Enforcement Authority and Agreements
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  • § 15.2-1724
    Police and other officers may be sent beyond territorial limits
    § 15.2-1725
    Extending police power of localities over lands lying beyond boundaries thereof; jurisdiction of courts
    § 15.2-1725.1
    Concurrent jurisdiction; limitations
    § 15.2-1726
    Agreements for consolidation of police departments or for cooperation in furnishing police services
    § 15.2-1727
    Reciprocal agreements with localities outside the Commonwealth
    § 15.2-1728
    Mutual aid agreements between police departments and federal authorities
    § 15.2-1729
    Agreements for enforcement of state and county laws by federal officers on federal property
    § 15.2-1730
    Calling upon law-enforcement officers of counties, cities or towns for assistance
    § 15.2-1730.1
    Authority and immunity of sheriffs and deputies
  • Article 3.
    Auxiliary Police Forces in Localities
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  • § 15.2-1731
    Establishment, etc., authorized; powers, authority and immunities generally
    § 15.2-1732
    Appropriations for equipment and maintenance
    § 15.2-1733
    Appointment of auxiliary police officers; revocation of appointment; uniform; organization; rules and regulations
    § 15.2-1734
    Calling auxiliary police officers into service; police officers performing service to wear uniform; exception
    § 15.2-1735
    Acting beyond limits of jurisdiction of locality
    § 15.2-1736
    Mutual aid agreements among governing bodies of localities