Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 15.2. Counties, Cities and Towns

Chapter 46. Multicounty Transportation Improvement Districts [Not Set Out]Read Chapter

§ 15.2-4600
Short title [Not set out]
§ 15.2-4601
Purpose of chapter [Not set out]
§ 15.2-4602
Definitions [Not set out]
§ 15.2-4603
Creation of district; extension of term of district [Not set out]
§ 15.2-4604
Commission established [Not set out]
§ 15.2-4605
Creation of district advisory boards [Not set out]
§ 15.2-4606
Powers and duties of commission [Not set out]
§ 15.2-4607
Annual special improvements tax; use of revenues [Not set out]
§ 15.2-4608
Agreements with Commonwealth Transportation Board; payment of special improvements tax to Transportation Trust Fund [Not set out]
§ 15.2-4609
Jurisdiction of counties and officers, etc., not affected [Not set out]
§ 15.2-4610
Allocation of funds to local transportation districts [Not set out]
§ 15.2-4611
Reimbursement for advances to local transportation district [Not set out]
§ 15.2-4612
Cooperation between districts and other political subdivisions [Not set out]
§ 15.2-4613
Tort liability [Not set out]
§ 15.2-4614
Approval by Commonwealth Transportation Board [Not set out]
§ 15.2-4615
Enlargement of local districts [Not set out]
§ 15.2-4616
Abolition of local transportation districts [Not set out]
§ 15.2-4617
Chapter to constitute complete district for acts authorized; liberal construction
§ 15.2-4618
Validation of districts [Not set out]