Code of Virginia

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Chapter 60.
Virginia Coalfield Economic Development Authority
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§ 15.2-6000
Authority created; name
§ 15.2-6001
Findings of fact
§ 15.2-6002
Purpose of Authority; performs governmental function
§ 15.2-6003
Board of Authority; members and officers; staff; annual report
§ 15.2-6004
Office of Authority; title to property
§ 15.2-6005
General powers of Authority; regulations; enforcement of statutes, rules, etc.
§ 15.2-6006
Further powers
§ 15.2-6007
Acceptance of funds, property and grants or loans
§ 15.2-6008
Forms of accounts and records; audit of same
§ 15.2-6009
Capitalization of Authority
§ 15.2-6010
Proceeds held
§ 15.2-6011
Eligible use of funds
§ 15.2-6012
Dissolution of Authority
§ 15.2-6013
Chapter liberally construed
§ 15.2-6014
Inconsistent laws inapplicable
§ 15.2-6015
City of Norton deemed contributing jurisdiction of Wise County