Code of Virginia

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Chapter 63. Authorities for Development of Former Federal AreasRead Chapter

§ 15.2-6300
Declaration of policy for authorities created by the Governor
§ 15.2-6300.1
Declaration of policy for authorities created by a locality
§ 15.2-6301
§ 15.2-6302
Establishment of development authorities
§ 15.2-6303
Authorities to file annual reports
§ 15.2-6304
Board of commissioners; appointment of director, agents and employees
§ 15.2-6304.1
§ 15.2-6305
Powers and duties of director
§ 15.2-6306
Principal and branch offices
§ 15.2-6307
Legal services
§ 15.2-6308
Powers of authorities generally
§ 15.2-6308.1
Approval of Governor required
§ 15.2-6309
Two or more authorities may join or cooperate in exercising powers
§ 15.2-6310
Payments to Commonwealth or political subdivisions thereof
§ 15.2-6311
Authorities may borrow money, accept contributions, etc.
§ 15.2-6312
Authorities empowered to issue bonds; additional security; liability thereon
§ 15.2-6313
Bonds to be authorized by resolution of board; terms; sale; negotiability; validity
§ 15.2-6314
Exemption from taxation; authorities to be municipal corporate instrumentalities of Commonwealth
§ 15.2-6314.1
Applicability of the Virginia Personnel Act and the Virginia Public Procurement Act
§ 15.2-6315
Provisions for securing payment of bonds
§ 15.2-6316
Rights and remedies of obligees
§ 15.2-6317
Rents, fees and charges; disposition of revenues
§ 15.2-6318
Investment in bonds issued by authorities
§ 15.2-6319
Dissolution of authority
§ 15.2-6320
Powers conferred additional and supplemental; liberal construction
§ 15.2-6321
Chapter controlling over inconsistent laws
§ 15.2-6322
Sovereign immunity