Code of Virginia

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Chapter 5.
Circuit Courts
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  • Article 1.
    Establishment; Jurisdiction; Etc.
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  • § 17.1-500
    Establishment of circuit courts
    § 17.1-501
    Judges of circuit courts; selection, powers and duties of chief judges; exercise of appointive powers
    § 17.1-502
    (For contingent expiration date see cc. 524 and 542) Administrator of circuit court system
    § 17.1-502
    (For contingent effective date see cc. 524 and 542) Administrator of circuit court system
    § 17.1-503
    Rules of practice and procedure; rules not to preclude judges from hearing certain cases
    § 17.1-504
    § 17.1-505
    Circuit court of county to constitute circuit court of certain cities
    § 17.1-506
    Judicial circuits
    § 17.1-507
    Maximum number of judges; residence requirement; compensation; powers; etc.
    § 17.1-508
    Judges in new or changed circuits; ratifying, validating and confirming certain actions
    § 17.1-509
    Vacancies in office of judge
    § 17.1-510
    Election of judge of new circuit; how court held meanwhile
    § 17.1-511
    Investigation and certification of necessity before vacancies filled
    § 17.1-512
    Election of successor judge before date of vacancy
    § 17.1-513
    Jurisdiction of circuit courts
    § 17.1-513.01
    Jurisdiction of circuit courts with respect to charitable assets
    § 17.1-513.1
    Appeals from administrative proceedings; abuse and neglect; record to be sealed
    § 17.1-513.2
    Use of telephonic communication systems or electronic video and audio communication systems to conduct hearing
    § 17.1-514
    When plaintiff entitled to less than $100; judgment for defendant
    § 17.1-515
    Jurisdiction formerly in county courts
    § 17.1-515.1
    Territorial jurisdiction of the Circuit Court for the City of Lynchburg
    § 17.1-515.2
    § 17.1-515.3
    Designation of courtrooms within twenty-first and twenty-third circuits for trial of certain cases
    § 17.1-515.4
    Designation of certain courtrooms within sixteenth circuit for trial of certain cases
    § 17.1-515.5
    Designation of certain courtrooms within twenty-fifth circuit for trial of certain cases
    § 17.1-515.6
    Concurrent law-enforcement jurisdiction over Joint Judicial Center in Winchester
    § 17.1-516
    Jurisdiction of courts over certain waters
    § 17.1-517
    Number of terms; how fixed
    § 17.1-518
    Special terms; when, how and by whom appointed
    § 17.1-519
    Adjournment thereof to a future day
    § 17.1-520
    What tried at a special term
    § 17.1-521
    Who to hold special term; powers
    § 17.1-522
    Adjournment of special term
    § 17.1-523
    Salaries of judges of circuit courts
    § 17.1-524