Code of Virginia

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Chapter 4. The Court of AppealsRead Chapter

§ 17.1-400
Creation and organization; election and terms of judges; oath; vacancies; qualifications; incompatible activities prohibited; chief judge
§ 17.1-401
Senior judge
§ 17.1-402
Sessions; panels; quorum; presiding judges; hearings en banc
§ 17.1-403
Rules of practice, procedure, and internal processes; promulgation by Supreme Court; amendments; summary disposition of appeals without merit
§ 17.1-404
Original jurisdiction in matters of contempt and injunctions, writs of mandamus, prohibition and habeas corpus
§ 17.1-405
Appellate jurisdiction -- Administrative agency, Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission, and domestic relations appeals
§ 17.1-406
Petitions for appeal; cases over which Court of Appeals does not have jurisdiction
§ 17.1-407
Procedures on appeal
§ 17.1-408
Time for filing; notice; petition
§ 17.1-409
Certification to the Supreme Court
§ 17.1-410
Disposition of appeals; finality of decisions
§ 17.1-411
Review by the Supreme Court
§ 17.1-412
Affirmance, reversal, or modification of judgment; petition for appeal to Supreme Court upon award of new trial
§ 17.1-413
Opinions; reporting, printing and electronic publication
§ 17.1-414
Facilities and supplies
§ 17.1-415
Compensation for judges; expenses
§ 17.1-416
Clerk; seal; deputies and other employees; clerk's fees
§ 17.1-417
Support staff
§ 17.1-418
Fees charged by Clerk of the Court of Appeals