Code of Virginia

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Chapter 15.
Trial and Its Incidents
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  • Article 1.
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  • § 19.2-239
    Jurisdiction in criminal cases
    § 19.2-240
    Clerks shall make out criminal docket; transportation orders
    § 19.2-241
    Time within which court to set criminal cases for trial
    § 19.2-242
    Accused discharged from jail if not indicted in time
    § 19.2-243
    Limitation on prosecution of felony due to lapse of time after finding of probable cause; misdemeanors; exceptions
  • Article 2.
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  • § 19.2-244
    Venue in general
    § 19.2-245
    Offenses committed without and made punishable within Commonwealth; embezzlement or larceny committed within Commonwealth; where prosecuted
    § 19.2-245.01
    Offenses involving reports or statements concerning cigarette sales or stamping
    § 19.2-245.1
    Forgery; where prosecuted
    § 19.2-245.2
    Tax offenses; where prosecuted
    § 19.2-246
    Injury inflicted by person within Commonwealth upon one outside Commonwealth
    § 19.2-247
    Venue in certain homicide cases
    § 19.2-248
    Venue when mortal wound, etc., inflicted in one county and death ensues in another
    § 19.2-249
    Offenses committed on boundary of two counties, two cities, or county and city, etc.; where prosecuted
    § 19.2-249.1
    Offenses committed within towns situated in two or more counties; where prosecuted
    § 19.2-249.2
    Venue for prosecution of computer and other crimes
    § 19.2-250
    How far jurisdiction of corporate authorities extends
    § 19.2-251
    When and how venue may be changed
    § 19.2-252
    Court ordering change of venue may admit accused to bail and recognize witnesses; remand of accused not admitted to bail
    § 19.2-253
    Procedure upon and after change of venue
  • Article 3.
    Arraignment; Pleas; Trial without Jury
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  • § 19.2-254
    Arraignment; pleas; when court may refuse to accept plea; rejection of plea agreement; recusal
    § 19.2-254.1
    Procedure in traffic infraction cases
    § 19.2-254.2
    Procedure in nontraffic offenses for which prepayment is authorized
    § 19.2-255
    Defendant allowed to plead several matters of law or fact
    § 19.2-256
    § 19.2-257
    Trial without jury in felony cases
    § 19.2-258
    Trial of misdemeanors by court without jury; failure to appear deemed waiver of jury
    § 19.2-258.1
    Trial of traffic infractions; measure of proof; failure to appear
    § 19.2-259
    On trial for felony, accused to be present; when court may enter plea for him, and trial go on
  • Article 5.
    Miscellaneous Provisions
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  • § 19.2-265
    Opening statement of counsel
    § 19.2-265.01
    Victims, certain members of the family and support persons not to be excluded
    § 19.2-265.1
    Exclusion of witnesses (Subsection (a) of Supreme Court Rule 2:615 derived in part from this section and subsection (c) of Supreme Court Rule 2:615 derived from this section)
    § 19.2-265.2
    Judicial notice of laws (Supreme Court Rule 2:202 derived in part from this section)
    § 19.2-265.3
    Nolle prosequi; discretion of court upon good cause shown
    § 19.2-265.4
    Failure to provide discovery
    § 19.2-265.5
    Prosecuting misdemeanor cases without attorney
    § 19.2-265.6
    Dismissal of criminal charges on Commonwealth's motion; effect of dismissal of criminal charges
    § 19.2-266
    Exclusion of persons from trial; photographs and broadcasting permitted under designated guidelines; exceptions
    § 19.2-266.1
    Conviction of lesser offense on indictment for homicide
    § 19.2-266.2
    Defense objections to be raised before trial; hearing; bill of particulars
    § 19.2-266.3
    Continuances; appearances of parties
    § 19.2-266.4
    Expert assistance for indigent defendants