Code of Virginia

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Chapter 14.
Presentments, Indictments and Informations
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  • Article 1.
    Necessity for Indictment, Etc.
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  • § 19.2-216
    Definition of indictment, presentment and information
    § 19.2-217
    When information filed; prosecution for felony to be by indictment or presentment; waiver; process to compel appearance of accused
    § 19.2-217.1
    Central file of aggravated murder indictments
    § 19.2-218
    Preliminary hearing required for person arrested on charge of felony; waiver
    § 19.2-218.1
    Preliminary hearings involving certain sexual crimes against spouses
    § 19.2-218.2
    Hearing before juvenile and domestic relations district court required for persons accused of certain violations against their spouses
    § 19.2-219
    When capias need not be issued; summons; judgment
  • Article 2.
    Form and Requisites
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  • § 19.2-220
    Contents of indictment in general
    § 19.2-221
    Form of prosecutions generally; murder and manslaughter
    § 19.2-222
    § 19.2-223
    Charging several acts of embezzlement; description of money
    § 19.2-224
    In prosecution for forgery, unnecessary to set forth copy of forged instrument
    § 19.2-225
    Allegation of intent
    § 19.2-226
    What defects in indictments not to vitiate them
    § 19.2-227
    When judgment not to be arrested or reversed
    § 19.2-228
    Name and address of complaining witness to be written on indictment, etc., for misdemeanor
    § 19.2-229
    When complaining witness required to give security for costs
    § 19.2-230
    Bill of particulars
  • Article 4.
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  • § 19.2-232
    What process to be awarded against accused on indictment, etc.
    § 19.2-233
    How awarded, directed, returnable and executed
    § 19.2-234
    Procedure when person arrested under capias
    § 19.2-235
    Clerks to mail process to officers in other counties, etc.
    § 19.2-236
    Where process of arrest may be executed
    § 19.2-237
    Process on indictment or presentment for misdemeanor
    § 19.2-238
    Summons against corporation; proceedings; expense of publication