Code of Virginia

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Chapter 21.1.
Compensating Victims of Crime
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§ 19.2-368.1
Findings; legislative intent
§ 19.2-368.2
§ 19.2-368.3
Powers and duties of Commission
§ 19.2-368.3:1
Crime victims' ombudsman
§ 19.2-368.4
Persons eligible for awards
§ 19.2-368.5
Filing of claims; deferral of proceedings; restitution
§ 19.2-368.5:1
Failure to perfect claim; denial
§ 19.2-368.5:2
Effect of filing a claim; stay of debt collection activities by health care providers
§ 19.2-368.6
Assignment of claims; investigation; hearing; confidentiality of records; decisions
§ 19.2-368.7
Review by Commission
§ 19.2-368.8
Reinvestigation of decision; reconsideration of award; judicial review
§ 19.2-368.9
Emergency awards
§ 19.2-368.10
When awards to be made; reporting crime and cooperation with law enforcement
§ 19.2-368.11
§ 19.2-368.11:1
Amount of award
§ 19.2-368.12
Awards not subject to execution or attachment; apportionment; reductions
§ 19.2-368.13
§ 19.2-368.14
Public record; exception
§ 19.2-368.15
Subrogation of Commonwealth to claimant's right of action; lien in favor of the Commonwealth; disposition of funds collected
§ 19.2-368.16
Claims to be made under oath
§ 19.2-368.17
Public information program
§ 19.2-368.18
Criminal Injuries Compensation Fund