Code of Virginia

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Chapter 5.
Search Warrants
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§ 19.2-52
When search warrant may issue
§ 19.2-53
What may be searched and seized
§ 19.2-53.1
Taking blood samples pursuant to search warrant; immunity
§ 19.2-54
Affidavit preliminary to issuance of search warrant; general search warrant prohibited; effect of failure to file affidavit
§ 19.2-55
Issuing general search warrant or search warrant without affidavit deemed malfeasance
§ 19.2-56
To whom search warrant directed; what it shall command; warrant to show date and time of issuance; copy of affidavit to be part of warrant and served therewith; warrants not executed within 15 days
§ 19.2-56.1
Warrant issued for search of attorney's office
§ 19.2-56.2
Application for and issuance of search warrant for a tracking device; installation and use
§ 19.2-57
Execution and return of warrant; list of property seized
§ 19.2-58
Disposition of property seized
§ 19.2-59
Search without warrant prohibited; when search without warrant lawful
§ 19.2-59.1
Strip searches prohibited; exceptions; how strip searches conducted
§ 19.2-60
Motion for return of seized property and to suppress
§ 19.2-60.1
Use of unmanned aircraft systems by public bodies; search warrant required