Code of Virginia

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Chapter 6.
Interception of Wire, Electronic or Oral Communications
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§ 19.2-61
§ 19.2-62
Interception, disclosure, etc., of wire, electronic or oral communications unlawful; penalties; exceptions
§ 19.2-63
Manufacture, possession, sale or advertising of certain devices unlawful; penalties; exceptions
§ 19.2-63.1
Supervision and control of devices; unauthorized possession
§ 19.2-64
Forfeiture of unlawful devices
§ 19.2-65
When intercepted communications and evidence derived therefrom not to be received in evidence
§ 19.2-66
When Attorney General or Chief Deputy Attorney General may apply for order authorizing interception of communications
§ 19.2-67
Disclosure of information obtained by authorized means
§ 19.2-68
Application for and issuance of order authorizing interception; contents of order; recording and retention of intercepted communications, applications and orders; notice to parties; introduction in evidence of information obtained
§ 19.2-69
Civil action for unlawful interception, disclosure, or use
§ 19.2-70
Reports to be filed by courts and Attorney General
§ 19.2-70.1
General prohibition on pen register and trap and trace device use; exceptions
§ 19.2-70.2
Application for and issuance of order for a pen register or trap and trace device; assistance in installation and use
§ 19.2-70.3
Obtaining records concerning electronic communication service or remote computing service