Code of Virginia

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Chapter 7.
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§ 19.2-71
Who may issue process of arrest
§ 19.2-72
When it may issue; what to recite and require
§ 19.2-73
Issuance of summons instead of warrant in certain cases
§ 19.2-73.1
Notice of issuance of warrant or summons; appearance; failure to appear
§ 19.2-73.2
Law-enforcement officers to issue subpoenas; penalty
§ 19.2-74
Issuance and service of summons in place of warrant in misdemeanor case; issuance of summons by special conservators of the peace
§ 19.2-74.1
§ 19.2-75
Copy of process to be left with accused; exception
§ 19.2-76
Execution and return of warrant, capias or summons; arrest outside county or city where charge is to be tried
§ 19.2-76.1
Submission of quarterly reports concerning unexecuted felony and misdemeanor warrants and other criminal process; destruction; dismissal
§ 19.2-76.2
Mailing of summons in certain cases
§ 19.2-76.3
Failure to appear on return date for summons issued under § 19.2-76.2
§ 19.2-77
Escape, flight and pursuit; arrest anywhere in Commonwealth
§ 19.2-78
Uniform of officer making arrest
§ 19.2-79
Arrest by officers of other states of United States
§ 19.2-80
Duty of arresting officer; bail
§ 19.2-80.1
When arrested person operating motor vehicle; how vehicle removed from scene of arrest
§ 19.2-80.2
Duty of arresting officer; providing magistrate or court with criminal history information
§ 19.2-81
Arrest without warrant authorized in certain cases
§ 19.2-81.1
Arrest without warrant by correctional officers in certain cases
§ 19.2-81.2
Power of correctional officers and designated noncustodial employees to detain
§ 19.2-81.3
Arrest without a warrant authorized in cases of assault and battery against a family or household member and stalking and for violations of protective orders; procedure, etc.
§ 19.2-81.4
§ 19.2-81.5
Cooperation with a law-enforcement officer
§ 19.2-81.6
Authority of law-enforcement officers to arrest illegal aliens
§ 19.2-82
Procedure upon arrest without warrant
§ 19.2-82.1
Giving false identity to law-enforcement officer; penalty
§ 19.2-83
§ 19.2-83.1
Report of arrest of school employees and adult students for certain offenses
§ 19.2-83.2
Jail officer to ascertain citizenship of inmate