Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 22.1. Education
Chapter 14.1. Early Childhood Care and Education

§ 22.1-289.020. Issuance or refusal of license; notification; provisional and conditional licenses.

Upon completion of his investigation, the Superintendent shall issue an appropriate license to the applicant if (i) the applicant has made adequate provision for such activities, services, and facilities as are reasonably conducive to the welfare of the children over whom he may have control; (ii) at the time of initial application, the applicant has submitted an operating budget and at least one credit reference; (iii) he is, or the officers and agents of the applicant if it is an association, partnership, limited liability company, or corporation are, of good character and reputation; and (iv) the applicant and agents comply with the provisions of this chapter. Otherwise, the license shall be denied. Immediately upon taking final action, the Superintendent shall notify the applicant of such action.

Upon completion of the investigation for the renewal of a license, the Superintendent may issue a provisional license to any applicant if the applicant is temporarily unable to comply with all of the licensure requirements. The provisional license may be renewed, but the issuance of a provisional license and any renewals thereof shall be for no longer a period than six successive months. A copy of the provisional license shall be prominently displayed by the provider at each public entrance of the subject facility and shall be printed in a clear and legible size and style. In addition, the facility shall be required to prominently display next to the posted provisional license a notice that a description of specific violations of licensing standards to be corrected and the deadline for completion of such corrections is available for inspection at the facility and on the facility's website, if applicable.

At the discretion of the Superintendent, a conditional license may be issued to an applicant to operate a new facility in order to permit the applicant to demonstrate compliance with licensure requirements. Such conditional license may be renewed, but the issuance of a conditional license and any renewals thereof shall be for no longer a period than six successive months.

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