Code of Virginia

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Chapter 15. Teachers, Officers and EmployeesRead Chapter

  • Article 1. General ProvisionsRead all
  • § 22.1-289.1
    Teacher compensation; biennial review required
    § 22.1-289.2
    Compensation of public school employees called to active duty military service
    § 22.1-290
    Board authorized to award teaching scholarship loans
    § 22.1-290.01
    Virginia Teaching Scholarship Loan Program established; purpose; Board of Education to administer Program; eligibility requirements for scholarship and awards; collaboration and consultation with State Council of Higher Education; repayment of scholarship required
    § 22.1-290.02
    Traineeships for education of special education personnel
    § 22.1-290.1
    Clinical faculty programs
    § 22.1-290.2
    Teacher, other instructional personnel, and support staff shortages; data
    § 22.1-291
    § 22.1-291.1
    Planning time for school teachers
    § 22.1-291.1:1
    School counselors; staff time
    § 22.1-291.2
    § 22.1-291.3
    Notice of duty to report child abuse or neglect
    § 22.1-291.4
    Bullying and abusive work environments prohibited
    § 22.1-292
    Penalties on officers and teachers
    § 22.1-292.1
    Violations related to secure mandatory tests
    § 22.1-292.2
    Suspension or revocation of license for procuring, selling, or administering anabolic steroids
    § 22.1-292.3
    License may not be suspended solely on the basis of default or delinquency in payment of federal-guaranteed or state-guaranteed education loan or scholarship
  • Article 2. Terms of Employment GenerallyRead all
  • § 22.1-293
    School boards authorized to employ principals and assistant principals; license required; powers and duties
    § 22.1-294
    Probationary terms of service for principals, assistant principals, and supervisors; evaluation; reassigning principal, assistant principal, or supervisor to teaching position
    § 22.1-295
    Employment of teachers
    § 22.1-295.1
    Employee personnel files; maintenance of employee records; confidentiality of certain records
    § 22.1-295.2
    Employment discrimination prohibited
    § 22.1-296
    Payment of employees; reimbursement for private transportation; certain sick leave policies
    § 22.1-296.1
    Data on convictions for certain crimes and child abuse and neglect required; penalty
    § 22.1-296.2
    Fingerprinting required; reciprocity permitted
    § 22.1-296.3
    Certain private school employees subject to fingerprinting and criminal records checks
    § 22.1-296.4
    Child abuse and neglect data required
    § 22.1-297
    Assignment of teachers, principals and assistant principals by superintendent
    § 22.1-298
    § 22.1-298.1
    Regulations governing licensure
    § 22.1-298.2
    Regulations governing education preparation programs
    § 22.1-298.2:1
    (Contingent effective date — see note) Teacher employment data; education preparation programs
    § 22.1-298.3
    Students with autism spectrum disorders; training required of personnel
    § 22.1-298.4
    Teacher preparation programs; learning disabilities
    § 22.1-298.5
    Regulations governing licensure; endorsement in dual language instruction pre-kindergarten through grade six
    § 22.1-298.6
    Mental health awareness training
    § 22.1-298.7
    Teachers and other licensed school board employees; cultural competency training
    § 22.1-299
    License required of teachers; provisional licenses; exceptions
    § 22.1-299.1
    § 22.1-299.2
    National Teacher Certification Incentive Reward Program and Fund
    § 22.1-299.3
    § 22.1-299.4
    Teach for America license
    § 22.1-299.5
    Waiver of teacher licensure requirements; trade and industrial education programs
    § 22.1-299.6
    Career and technical education; three-year licenses
    § 22.1-299.7
    Microcredential program; certain STEM subjects
    § 22.1-299.8
    Technical professional licenses; substitution of certain professional development activities for required coursework
    § 22.1-300
    Tuberculosis certificate
    § 22.1-301
    Costs of medical examinations and of furnishing medical records
    § 22.1-302
    Written contracts required; execution of contracts; qualifications of temporarily employed teachers; rules and requirements
    § 22.1-303
    Probationary terms of service for teachers
    § 22.1-303.1
    Immunity from civil liability for certain individuals
    § 22.1-304
    Reemployment of teacher who has not achieved continuing contract status; effect of continuing contract; resignation of teacher; reduction in number of teachers
    § 22.1-305
    Nonrenewal of contract of probationary teacher
    § 22.1-305.1
    Mentor teacher programs
  • Article 2.1. The Advisory Board on Teacher Education and LicensureRead all
  • § 22.1-305.2
    Advisory Board on Teacher Education and Licensure
  • Article 3. Grievances; Dismissal, Etc., of TeachersRead all
  • § 22.1-306
    § 22.1-307
    Dismissal of teacher; grounds
    § 22.1-308
    Grievance procedure
    § 22.1-309
    Notice to teacher of recommendation of dismissal; school board not to consider merits during notice; superintendent required to provide reasons for recommendation upon request
    § 22.1-310
    § 22.1-311
    Hearing before school board, hearing officer, or fact-finding panel
    § 22.1-312
    § 22.1-313
    Decision of school board; generally
    § 22.1-314
    Decision of school board; issue of grievability; appeal
  • Article 5. Interstate Agreement on Qualification of Educational PersonnelRead all
  • § 22.1-316
    Agreement entered into and enacted into law; form of agreement
    § 22.1-317
    Superintendent of Public Instruction to be "designated state official."
    § 22.1-318
    Filing and publication of contracts made pursuant to Agreement