Code of Virginia

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Chapter 6.
Division Superintendents
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§ 22.1-58
Division superintendent required
§ 22.1-59
Qualifications of superintendent
§ 22.1-60
Appointment and term of superintendent; certain contractual matters
§ 22.1-60.1
Evaluation of superintendent
§ 22.1-61
When Board to appoint superintendent
§ 22.1-62
Appointment of same person by two or more school divisions; approval of part-time superintendent by State Board
§ 22.1-63
Certain officers ineligible for or to hold office of superintendent
§ 22.1-64
Oath of superintendent
§ 22.1-65
Punishment of division superintendents
§ 22.1-66
Vacancy in office
§ 22.1-67
Expenses of superintendents
§ 22.1-68
§ 22.1-69
Superintendent to attend meetings
§ 22.1-70
Powers and duties of superintendent generally
§ 22.1-70.1
Reports of certain ratios to local school boards
§ 22.1-70.2
Acceptable Internet use policies for public and private schools
§ 22.1-70.3
(Expires July 1, 2025) Designation of teacher shortage areas