Code of Virginia

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Chapter 7.
General Powers and Duties of School Boards
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§ 22.1-71
School board constitutes body corporate; corporate powers
§ 22.1-72
Annual organizational meetings of school boards
§ 22.1-73
§ 22.1-74
Minutes of meetings
§ 22.1-75
Procedure in case of tie vote
§ 22.1-76
Chairman; clerk; vice-chairman; deputy clerk; terms; compensation and bonds of clerk and deputy clerk; officers ineligible to serve as clerk and deputy clerk; approval of division superintendent's designee
§ 22.1-77
Duties of clerk
§ 22.1-78
Bylaws and regulations
§ 22.1-79
Powers and duties
§ 22.1-79.1
Opening of the school year; approvals for certain alternative schedules
§ 22.1-79.2
Uniforms in public schools; Board of Education guidelines
§ 22.1-79.3
Policies regarding certain activities
§ 22.1-79.4
Threat assessment teams and oversight committees
§ 22.1-79.5
Policy regarding tobacco and nicotine vapor products
§ 22.1-79.6
Employee lactation support policy
§ 22.1-79.7
School meal policies; donations
§ 22.1-79.7:1
School meals; availability to students
§ 22.1-79.8
Policies regarding job assistance for certain persons
§ 22.1-79.9
Promotion of broadband services for educational purposes
§ 22.1-80
Development of park areas adjacent to public schools
§ 22.1-81
Annual report
§ 22.1-82
Employment of counsel to advise or defend school boards and officials; payment of costs, expenses and liabilities; consent of governing bodies required prior to institution of proceedings
§ 22.1-83
Payment of employee's legal fees and expenses
§ 22.1-84
§ 22.1-85
Fund for payment of hospital, medical, etc., services provided officers, employees and dependents
§ 22.1-86
Meetings of people of school division; local committees
§ 22.1-86.1
Appointment of student representatives to local school boards
§ 22.1-87
Judicial review