Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 24.2. Elections

Chapter 7. Absentee VotingRead Chapter

§ 24.2-700
Persons entitled to vote by absentee ballot
§ 24.2-701
Application for absentee ballot
§ 24.2-702
§ 24.2-702.1
Federal write-in absentee ballots
§ 24.2-703
Application for absentee ballots for multiple elections for uniformed and overseas voters
§ 24.2-703.1
Special annual applications for absentee ballots for certain ill or disabled voters
§ 24.2-703.2
Replacement absentee ballots for certain disabled or ill voters; penalty
§ 24.2-704
Applications and ballots for persons requiring assistance in voting; penalty
§ 24.2-705
Emergency applications and absentee ballots for persons incapacitated or hospitalized
§ 24.2-705.1
Late applications and in-person absentee voting for business and medical emergencies
§ 24.2-705.2
Late applications and in-person absentee voting for certain officers of election
§ 24.2-706
Duty of general registrar on receipt of application; statement of voter
§ 24.2-707
How ballots marked and returned by mail; cast in person; cast on voting equipment
§ 24.2-708
Return of unused ballots; voting by applicant who did not receive or lost ballot; defaced ballots
§ 24.2-709
Ballot to be returned in manner prescribed by law
§ 24.2-709.1
Alternative procedures for counting absentee ballots
§ 24.2-710
Further duties of electoral board and general registrar; absentee voter applicant lists
§ 24.2-711
Duties of officers of election
§ 24.2-711.1
Absentee ballots; confirmation of receipt; notice of reason for rejection
§ 24.2-712
Central absentee voter precincts; counting ballots
§ 24.2-713
Emergency authority of the Commissioner of Elections