Code of Virginia

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Chapter 8.
Recounts and Contested Elections
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  • Article 2.
    Contested Elections
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  • § 24.2-803
    Contest of election to General Assembly
    § 24.2-804
    Contest of elections of Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Attorney General
    § 24.2-805
    Contest of elections of electors for President and Vice President or primaries for United States Senate or statewide office
    § 24.2-806
    Contest of other primaries and elections
    § 24.2-807
    Contest only on complaint of unsuccessful party; contents of complaint
    § 24.2-808
    Time of filing and service of complaint; enlargement or amendment of complaint
    § 24.2-809
    Filing answer; contents; enlargement or amendment of answer
    § 24.2-810
    Taking depositions and deciding contests
    § 24.2-811
    Costs and issuance of certificate of election
    § 24.2-812
    Proceedings when court decides no valid election has been held
    § 24.2-813
    Proceedings in contest for nominee
    § 24.2-814
    Contest following recount