Code of Virginia

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Chapter 2.
Conservation Police Officers
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§ 29.1-200
Appointment of conservation police officers
§ 29.1-201
§ 29.1-202
Ex officio conservation police officers
§ 29.1-203
Jurisdiction; power to serve process
§ 29.1-204
Assisting the Director; supervision
§ 29.1-205
Power to make arrests
§ 29.1-206
§ 29.1-207
Impeding conservation police officer, etc., in discharge of his duty
§ 29.1-208
Searches and seizures
§ 29.1-209
Inspection of game and fish without arrest
§ 29.1-210
Person arrested may be committed to jail, bailed, recognized or summoned
§ 29.1-211
§ 29.1-212
Precaution against fire
§ 29.1-213
Taking samples of water believed to be polluted
§ 29.1-214
Duties of State Water Control Board with respect to water samples
§ 29.1-215
§ 29.1-217
Special conservation police officers receiving no compensation from Commonwealth
§ 29.1-218
Defense of conservation police officer prosecuted on criminal charge