Code of Virginia

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Chapter 1.
Administration of Wildlife Resources
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  • Article 2.
    Board of Wildlife Resources
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  • § 29.1-102
    Board of Wildlife Resources; how constituted; meetings
    § 29.1-103
    Powers and duties of the Board
    § 29.1-103.1
    Control and eradication of wildlife diseases; Board authorized to promulgate regulations
    § 29.1-103.2
    Assent to wildlife restoration projects and sport fishing restoration and management projects
    § 29.1-104
    Acceptance of gifts, etc.
    § 29.1-105
    Lease or contract respecting land or buildings
    § 29.1-106
    Forest and watershed areas
    § 29.1-107
    Rules and regulations
    § 29.1-108
    Audits and examinations
  • Article 3.
    Department of Wildlife Resources
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  • § 29.1-109
    Department of Wildlife Resources; Director
    § 29.1-110
    Disbursements, accounts for Department; Board
    § 29.1-111
    Sale of timber; portion of proceeds to be paid to locality
    § 29.1-112
    Payment of license and permit fees
    § 29.1-113
    Admittance, parking, and use at certain Department-owned facilities or Department-leased land; civil penalty
    § 29.1-114
    Hunting from aircraft feral hogs