Code of Virginia

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Chapter 1.
Definitions and General Provisions
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§ 33.2-100
§ 33.2-101
Governor to waive certain state statutory mandates and regulations to expedite certain highway construction projects
§ 33.2-102
Authority of cities and towns and certain counties in connection with federal aid
§ 33.2-103
Certified mail; subsequent mail or notices may be sent by regular mail
§ 33.2-104
English units of measure
§ 33.2-105
Evidence as to existence of a public highway
§ 33.2-106
Secretary of Transportation to submit annual report on actions taken to increase transit use, etc.
§ 33.2-107
Secretary of Transportation to conduct periodic examination of process
§ 33.2-108
Public hearings prior to undertaking projects requested by institutions of higher education
§ 33.2-109
Policy of the Commonwealth regarding use of highways by motorcycles; discrimination by political subdivisions prohibited
§ 33.2-110
Gates across private roads; leaving gates open; gates across private roads leading to forestlands; penalties
§ 33.2-111
Funding and undertaking of pedestrian or bicycle projects apart from highway projects not prohibited
§ 33.2-112
Sidewalks and walkways for pedestrian traffic
§ 33.2-113
Contributions by cities or towns towards highway building, bridges, etc.
§ 33.2-114
Virginia Aviation Board and Virginia Port Authority powers
§ 33.2-115
Department to establish smart transportation pilot zone
§ 33.2-116
Statewide transportation technology programs to incorporate new technologies and innovations in transportation
§ 33.2-117
Statutes declaring streams and rivers to be highways continued
§ 33.2-118
Mobile food vending in commuter lots in Planning District 8
§ 33.2-119
Limitation on tolling
§ 33.2-120
Efforts to increase CAFE standards