Code of Virginia

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Chapter 2.
Transportation Entities
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  • Article 2.
    Commonwealth Transportation Board; Powers and Duties
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  • § 33.2-208
    Location of routes
    § 33.2-209
    Construction and maintenance contracts and activities related to passenger and freight rail and public transportation
    § 33.2-210
    Traffic regulations; penalty
    § 33.2-211
    Copies of regulations as evidence
    § 33.2-212
    Sections not applicable to certain engines and tractors
    § 33.2-213
    Naming highways, bridges, interchanges, and other transportation facilities
    § 33.2-214
    Transportation; Six-Year Improvement Program
    § 33.2-214.1
    Statewide prioritization process for project selection
    § 33.2-214.2
    Transparency in the development of the Six-Year Improvement Program, statewide prioritization process, and state of good repair program
    § 33.2-214.3
    Transparency in project selection in Planning District 8
    § 33.2-214.4
    Statewide prioritization for the Commonwealth Mass Transit Fund
    § 33.2-215
    Policies and operation of Departments
    § 33.2-216
    Roadside memorials; penalty
    § 33.2-217
    Prohibition of certain weeds and plants on highway rights-of-way
    § 33.2-218
    Fees for participating in the Integrated Directional Sign Program
    § 33.2-219
    Statements to be filed with Commonwealth Transportation Board by transit systems
    § 33.2-220
    Transfer of interest in and control over certain highways, highway rights-of-way, and landings
    § 33.2-221
    Other powers, duties, and responsibilities
    § 33.2-221.1
    Use of biodiesel and other alternative fuels in vehicles providing public transportation
  • Article 3.
    Commissioner of Highways
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  • § 33.2-222
    Commissioner of Highways
    § 33.2-223
    General powers of Commissioner of Highways
    § 33.2-224
    Employees; delegation of responsibilities
    § 33.2-225
    Liaison duties with other organizations
    § 33.2-226
    Authority to lease or convey airspace
    § 33.2-227
    Defense of employees
    § 33.2-228
    Agreements between Commissioner of Highways and certain localities
    § 33.2-229
    Furnishing information regarding right-of-way transactions
    § 33.2-230
    Written notice of decision to dispose of real property
    § 33.2-231
    Establish community service landscaping program
    § 33.2-232
    Biennial reports by Commissioner of Highways and the Office of Intermodal Planning and Investment
    § 33.2-233
    Gathering and reporting of information and statistics
    § 33.2-234
    Construction by state or local employees
    § 33.2-235
    § 33.2-236
    Maps or plats prepared at request and expense of local governing bodies and other groups; Department of Energy to seek other existing sources
    § 33.2-237
    Directional signs for certain educational institutions
    § 33.2-238
    Closing highways for safety of public or proper completion of construction; injury to barriers, signs, etc.
    § 33.2-239
    Providing highway detours
    § 33.2-240
    Connections over shoulders of highways for intersecting private roads
    § 33.2-241
    Connections over shoulders of highways for intersecting commercial establishment entrances; penalty
    § 33.2-242
    Replacing entrances destroyed in the repair or construction of highways
    § 33.2-243
    Paying for damages sustained to personal property by reason of work projects, etc.
    § 33.2-244
    Removal of snow and ice from public highways by private entities
    § 33.2-245
    Comprehensive highway access management standards
    § 33.2-246
    Recreational waysides; regulations; penalties
    § 33.2-247
    Wetlands mitigation banking
    § 33.2-248
    Expenditure of funds for interstate bridges and approaches
    § 33.2-249
    Maintenance and operation of bridges or tunnels on the city and state line
    § 33.2-250
    Improving certain private roads and certain town streets and roads
    § 33.2-251
    Installation and maintenance of "children at play" signs in counties and towns
    § 33.2-252
    Tramways and railways along or across public highways; appeals
    § 33.2-253
    Highway safety corridor program
    § 33.2-254
    Erection and maintenance of newspaper route boxes
    § 33.2-255
    Sale or lease of properties acquired for highway construction
  • Article 4.
    Department of Transportation
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  • § 33.2-256
    Department of Transportation established
    § 33.2-257
    § 33.2-257.1
    Notice to be provided to property owners of pending transportation projects
    § 33.2-258
    Environmental permits for highway projects; timely review
    § 33.2-259
    Maintain drainage easements
    § 33.2-260
    Specifications in purchasing lubricating motor oil
    § 33.2-261
    Value engineering required in certain projects
    § 33.2-262
    Removal of snow from driveways of volunteer fire departments and emergency medical services agencies
    § 33.2-263
    School bus stop signs or other indicators
    § 33.2-264
    Livestock on right-of-way of the systems of state highways
    § 33.2-265
    Comprehensive roadside management program
    § 33.2-266
    Intermittent closing of highways subject to flooding; permits; notice
    § 33.2-267
    Family restrooms
    § 33.2-267.1
    Human trafficking hotline; posted notice required
    § 33.2-268
    Contractor performance bonds for locally administered transportation improvement projects
    § 33.2-269
    Localities may use design-build contracts
    § 33.2-270
    Provide for training of certain local employees
    § 33.2-271
    Maintain property acquired for construction of transportation projects
    § 33.2-272
    Location of landfill gas pipelines in highway right-of-way; Department of Transportation to provide notice to counties
    § 33.2-272.1
    Interstate pipelines; Department of Transportation oversight
    § 33.2-273
    Use of steel plates in connection with highway repairs
    § 33.2-274
    Application and installation of traffic control measures
    § 33.2-274.1
    Roadside safety devices to be equipped with identification numbers
    § 33.2-275
    Periodic quantitative rating of certain highways
    § 33.2-275.1
    Primary evacuation routes; public information
    § 33.2-276
    Noise abatement practices and technologies
    § 33.2-277
    Sale of materials to, and use of equipment by, localities and school boards
    § 33.2-278
    Facilities for persons desiring to fish from bridges
    § 33.2-279
    Use of streams and lowlands obstructed by newly constructed highways as fishponds or water storage areas
    § 33.2-280
    Treatment of highway surfaces for dust control
    § 33.2-280.1
    Charging electronic toll collection device fees
  • Article 5.
    Department of Rail and Public Transportation
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  • § 33.2-281
    § 33.2-282
    Department of Rail and Public Transportation created; appointment of Director
    § 33.2-283
    Powers and duties of the Director of the Department of Rail and Public Transportation
    § 33.2-284
    General powers of the Department of Rail and Public Transportation
    § 33.2-285
    Responsibilities of Department of Rail and Public Transportation
    § 33.2-286
    Urban transit agency strategic plans