Code of Virginia

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Chapter 9.
Civil Commitment of Sexually Violent Predators
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§ 37.2-900
§ 37.2-900.1
Office of Sexually Violent Predator Services
§ 37.2-901
Civil proceeding; rights of respondents; discovery
§ 37.2-902
Commitment Review Committee; membership
§ 37.2-903
Database of prisoners convicted of sexually violent offenses; maintained by Department of Corrections; notice of pending release to CRC
§ 37.2-904
CRC assessment of prisoners or defendants eligible for commitment as sexually violent predators; mental health examination; recommendation
§ 37.2-905
Review of prisoners convicted of a sexually violent offense; review of unrestorably incompetent defendants charged with sexually violent offenses; petition for commitment; notice to Department of Corrections or referring court regarding disposition of review
§ 37.2-905.1
Substantial compliance
§ 37.2-905.2
Access to records
§ 37.2-906
Probable cause hearing; procedures
§ 37.2-907
Right to assistance of experts; compensation
§ 37.2-908
Trial; right to trial by jury; standard of proof; discovery
§ 37.2-909
Placement of committed respondents
§ 37.2-910
Review of continuation of secure inpatient treatment hearing; procedure and reports; disposition
§ 37.2-911
Petition for release; hearing; procedures
§ 37.2-912
Conditional release; criteria; conditions; reports; penalty
§ 37.2-913
Emergency custody of conditionally released respondents; revocation of conditional release
§ 37.2-914
Modification or removal of conditions; notice; objections; review
§ 37.2-915
Representation of Commonwealth and person subject to commitment; nature of proceedings
§ 37.2-916
Authority of Commissioner; delegation to board; liability
§ 37.2-917
Escape of persons committed; penalty
§ 37.2-918
Persons on conditional release leaving Commonwealth; penalty
§ 37.2-919
Postrelease supervision of Department; commission of new criminal offense by person committed to Department
§ 37.2-920
Appeal by Attorney General; emergency custody order
§ 37.2-921
Department to give notice of Sex Offender and Crimes Against Minors Registry requirements to certain persons