Code of Virginia

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Chapter 8.
Emergency Custody and Voluntary and Involuntary Civil Admissions
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  • Article 2.
    Voluntary Admission
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  • § 37.2-805
    Voluntary admission
    § 37.2-805.1
    Admission of incapacitated persons pursuant to advance directives or by guardians
  • Article 3.
    Admission to Training Centers
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  • § 37.2-806
    Judicial certification of eligibility for admission of persons with intellectual disability
    § 37.2-807
    Emergency or respite care admissions to training centers
  • Article 4.
    Emergency Custody and Involuntary Temporary Detention
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  • § 37.2-808
    Emergency custody; issuance and execution of order
    § 37.2-809
    Involuntary temporary detention; issuance and execution of order
    § 37.2-809.1
    Facility of temporary detention
    § 37.2-810
    Transportation of person in the temporary detention process
    § 37.2-811
    Emergency treatment of inmates in the custody of local correctional facilities
    § 37.2-812
    § 37.2-813
    Release of person prior to commitment hearing for involuntary admission
  • Article 5.
    Involuntary Admissions
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  • § 37.2-814
    Commitment hearing for involuntary admission; written explanation; right to counsel; rights of petitioner
    § 37.2-815
    Commitment hearing for involuntary admission; examination required
    § 37.2-816
    Commitment hearing for involuntary admission; preadmission screening report
    § 37.2-817
    Involuntary admission
    § 37.2-817.01
    Mandatory outpatient treatment
    § 37.2-817.1
    Monitoring and court review of mandatory outpatient treatment
    § 37.2-817.2
    § 37.2-817.3
    § 37.2-817.4
    Continuation of mandatory outpatient treatment order
    § 37.2-818
    Commitment hearing for involuntary admission; recordings and records
    § 37.2-819
    Order of involuntary admission or mandatory outpatient treatment forwarded to CCRE; certain voluntary admissions forwarded to CCRE; firearm background check
    § 37.2-820
    Place of hearing
    § 37.2-821
    Appeal of involuntary admission or certification order
    § 37.2-822
    Treatment of person admitted while appeal is pending
    § 37.2-823
    Examination of admission papers by director; examination of persons admitted
    § 37.2-824
    Periodic review of all persons for purposes of retention
    § 37.2-825
    Admission raises no presumption of legal incapacity
    § 37.2-826
    Disposition of nonresidents
    § 37.2-827
    § 37.2-828
    Receiving and maintaining federal prisoners in state facilities
  • Article 6.
    Transportation of Admitted Persons; Detention by Sheriff; Escape; Transfers
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  • § 37.2-829
    Transportation of person in civil admission process
    § 37.2-830
    § 37.2-831
    Detention in jail after order of admission
    § 37.2-832
    Persons with mental illness not to be confined in cells with criminals
    § 37.2-833
    Escape, sickness, death, or discharge of a person ordered to be involuntarily admitted while in custody; warrant for person escaping
    § 37.2-834
    Arrest of certain persons involuntarily admitted
    § 37.2-835
    Arrest without warrant
    § 37.2-836
    Employees to accompany persons admitted voluntarily to facilities
  • Article 7.
    Discharge and Transfers
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  • § 37.2-837
    Discharge from state hospitals or training centers, conditional release, and trial or home visits for individuals
    § 37.2-838
    Discharge of individuals from a licensed hospital
    § 37.2-839
    Exchange of information between community services boards or behavioral health authorities and state facilities
    § 37.2-840
    Transfer of individuals receiving services
    § 37.2-841
    Admission of veteran to, or transfer to or from, a Veterans Affairs hospital, center, or other facility or installation
    § 37.2-842
    Veterans admitted or transferred to Veterans Affairs hospital, center, or other facility or installation subject to rules; power and authority of medical officer in charge
    § 37.2-843
    Providing drugs or medicines for certain individuals discharged from state facilities
  • Article 8.
    Testing Legality of Detention
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  • § 37.2-844
    Habeas corpus as means
    § 37.2-845
    Procedure when person confined in facility or other institution
    § 37.2-846
    Procedure when person not confined in facility or other institution
    § 37.2-847
    Duty of attorney for Commonwealth