Code of Virginia

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Chapter 3.2.
Emergency Services and Disaster Law
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§ 44-146.13
Short title
§ 44-146.14
Findings of General Assembly
§ 44-146.15
Construction of chapter
§ 44-146.16
§ 44-146.17
Powers and duties of Governor
§ 44-146.17:1
Transmittal to General Assembly of rules, regulations, and orders
§ 44-146.17:1.1
Certain emergency orders; additional requirements
§ 44-146.17:2
Annual statewide drill
§ 44-146.18
Department of Emergency Management; administration and operational control; coordinator and other personnel; powers and duties
§ 44-146.18:1
Virginia Disaster Response Funds disbursements; reimbursements
§ 44-146.18:2
Authority of Coordinator of Emergency Management in undeclared emergency
§ 44-146.18:3
First informer broadcasters; coordination with Department of Emergency Management
§ 44-146.18:4
State Coordinator of Emergency Management responsible for annual Virginia Comprehensive Emergency Management Report
§ 44-146.18:5
Division of Public Safety Communications established; appointment of Virginia Public Safety Communications Coordinator; duties of Division
§ 44-146.18:6
Geographic Information Network Division established; powers and duties; Division Coordinator
§ 44-146.18:7
GIS Fund created
§ 44-146.18:8
Additional powers and duties of the State Coordinator of Emergency Management
§ 44-146.18:9
Nonstock corporation to assist in the development of GIS data
§ 44-146.19
Powers and duties of political subdivisions
§ 44-146.20
Joint action by political subdivisions
§ 44-146.21
Declaration of local emergency
§ 44-146.22
Development of measures to prevent or reduce harmful consequences of disasters; disclosure of information
§ 44-146.23
Immunity from liability
§ 44-146.24
Cooperation of public agencies
§ 44-146.25
§ 44-146.26
Duties of emergency management organizations
§ 44-146.27
Supplementing federal funds; assistance of federal agencies; acceptance of gifts and services; appropriations by local governing bodies
§ 44-146.28
Authority of Governor and agencies under his control in declared state of emergency
§ 44-146.28:1
Compact enacted into law; terms
§ 44-146.28:2
Disaster relief assistance by out-of-state businesses and employees
§ 44-146.29
§ 44-146.29:1
§ 44-146.29:3
Emergency Shelters Upgrade Assistance Grant Fund