Code of Virginia

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Chapter 1.
Department of State Police
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§ 52-1
Establishment of Department headed by Superintendent; Bureau of Criminal Investigation and division of drug law enforcement and investigation within Department
§ 52-2
Appointment of Superintendent and term of office
§ 52-3
Oath, bond, and salary of Superintendent
§ 52-4
Functions of Department
§ 52-4.1
§ 52-4.2
Department of Motor Vehicles to publish statistical information, and conduct research and experiments; copies to be furnished by Department to Commonwealth's attorneys
§ 52-4.3
Drug Investigation Special Trust Account
§ 52-4.4
Duties relating to criminal history record information checks required by licensed firearms dealers
§ 52-4.5
(Effective until July 1, 2026) Facial recognition technology; authorized uses; Department to establish a State Police Model Facial Recognition Technology Policy; penalty
§ 52-5
§ 52-6
Appointment of additional police officers
§ 52-6.1
Appointment of supervisory officers
§ 52-7
Bonds of police officers; liability insurance policies
§ 52-8
Powers and duties to enforce criminal laws and investigate aircraft accidents
§ 52-8.1
Powers and duties of Bureau of Criminal Investigation
§ 52-8.1:1
Powers and duties of a drug law enforcement and investigation division
§ 52-8.2
Certain investigations of elected officials; immunity for witnesses
§ 52-8.3
Disclosure of criminal investigative records and reports; penalty
§ 52-8.4
Powers and duties to promulgate regulations; inspection of certain records
§ 52-8.4:1
Regulations for firearms shows
§ 52-8.4:2
Certain offenses to be considered traffic infractions
§ 52-8.5
Reporting hate crimes
§ 52-8.6
Criminal street gang reporting
§ 52-9
Administration of oaths; acknowledgments and affidavits; summoning witnesses in certain cases
§ 52-9.1
Distinctive uniform to be adopted for State police officers
§ 52-9.1:1
Retired and former law-enforcement officers; retention of badge
§ 52-9.2
Wearing of same or similar uniforms by other persons
§ 52-10
Fees and rewards
§ 52-11
Defense of police officers
§ 52-11.1
State Health Commissioner to cooperate
§ 52-11.2
Services of State Police in areas of counties that have merged, consolidated or been annexed into cities
§ 52-11.3
Acquisition of military property
§ 52-11.4
Disposal of unclaimed property in the possession of State Police; exemption from the Virginia Disposition of Unclaimed Property Act
§ 52-11.5
Disposal of unclaimed firearms or other weapons in possession of the State Police
§ 52-11.6
Arrest or summons quota prohibited