Code of Virginia

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Chapter 24.
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§ 55.1-2400
§ 55.1-2401
Appointment of escheators
§ 55.1-2402
Bond of escheator
§ 55.1-2403
Increase or reduction of penalty of escheator's bond; effect
§ 55.1-2404
Annual report to escheator; lands not liable
§ 55.1-2405
Escheator to hold inquest; notice of inquest
§ 55.1-2406
Jury of inquest; presentation of evidence
§ 55.1-2407
Attendance of jurors; compensation
§ 55.1-2408
How verdict signed; where returned and recorded
§ 55.1-2409
Proceedings to claim land escheated
§ 55.1-2410
Trial by jury; judgment of court
§ 55.1-2411
Facts or evidence to be certified
§ 55.1-2412
Lands may be committed to claimant while claim pending
§ 55.1-2413
Disposition of lands while claim is pending, if not committed to claimant
§ 55.1-2414
Escheator to notify State Treasurer of claim and decision
§ 55.1-2415
Escheators to certify lands escheated
§ 55.1-2416
Removal of parcels from the certificate
§ 55.1-2417
Escheat of property with hazardous materials
§ 55.1-2418
Publication of escheator's certificate
§ 55.1-2419
Order of sale by Governor
§ 55.1-2420
Form of sale agreement; notice of right to refund
§ 55.1-2421
When grant to issue to purchaser; reimbursable expenses
§ 55.1-2422
Form of grant of escheated property
§ 55.1-2423
Governor to sign and seal grant; Librarian of Virginia to record it; delivery to and by State Treasurer
§ 55.1-2424
Recordation of certified copy of grant
§ 55.1-2425
Resale in case of default
§ 55.1-2426
Reports by escheators to State Treasurer
§ 55.1-2427
Reports by State Treasurer to the Governor; penalty on escheators for failure of duty
§ 55.1-2428
State Treasurer may examine records of any escheator, commissioner of the revenue, or treasurer
§ 55.1-2429
When State Treasurer to issue grant to purchaser
§ 55.1-2430
Escheator's pay
§ 55.1-2431
Escheat of estates in trust and equitable titles
§ 55.1-2432
Provision in favor of tenant of escheated land
§ 55.1-2433
In favor of creditor of decedent
§ 55.1-2434
Escheators to defend on behalf of Commonwealth
§ 55.1-2435
Recovery by escheator of decedent's escheated residue and of property abandoned or derelict; fee
§ 55.1-2436
Publication of action; what to state and require
§ 55.1-2437
Order of the court
§ 55.1-2438
How money paid into state treasury from escheats may be recovered
§ 55.1-2439
Regulations of the State Treasurer
§ 55.1-2440
Continuation of certain statutes
§ 55.1-2441
Pendency of escheat proceedings no bar to condemnation proceedings